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IntuiFace is the world’s premier platform for creating multi-touch interactive experiences.

As IntuiFace Platinum Experts, we know how to get the most out of the platform. It provides a cost-effective, efficient and flexible way for us to create stunning and immersive touchscreen experiences for our customers.

We have a close working relationship with IntuiLab, the developers of IntuiFace, so we are one of the first to hear about innovative updates and regularly talk to the team which helps us create innovative touchscreen experiences.

We use our knowledge and experience of interactive storytelling and combine it with the power of IntuiFace to create unique, memorable and impactful touchscreen experiences for our customers.


Antillion is at the cutting-edge of defence communications technology. They regularly exhibit at exhibitions showcasing their solutions and provide workshops about current & future industry trends.

They asked us to create a touchscreen experience that would let users find out about and book sessions as well as explore their solutions and services.

With IntuiFace, we were able to create a dynamic, creative and intuitive experience – providing a simple way for users to navigate between sections, explore different content, view PDFs and watch videos.

We also built the experience so it was quick and easy for Antillion to update information about the different workshops, keeping attendees at events updated on the latest sessions and availability.

National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive provides a unique, historical and culturally rich collection of films that delve into Scotland’s past.

NLS wanted us to develop an IntuiFace experience that would be easy to update, but most importantly, connect people of all ages and abilities to their film archives through a curated, thematically organised touchscreen interface.

We focused on creating an experience that was easy to use by visitors of all ages – content was organised into easy-to-understand themes, with a wealth of content and biographical information.

We made it easy for NLS to add new themes over time and connect their archive database to the experience.

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is a great British institution, respected around the world. When exhibiting at the World Money Fair – they couldn’t set their stall out on reputation alone.

We created an experience that was unique, innovative and let visitors connect with and explore The Royal Mint’s coins in a new, immersive way.

Using IntuiFace, we created an experience where visitors could interact with and explore coins in a completely new way. Some of the coins are no bigger than the tip of your little finger and the experience let users zoom into the finest details and explore an extensive range of over 200 coins.

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

Ebbsfleet Garden City is a brand new Garden City being developed on the banks of the Thames, comprising 15,000 homes, 32,000 jobs and a new commercial hub for the region.

We were asked to create an interactive experience that showcased the development on a 65″ touchscreen table at their information suite in Ebbsfleet International Train Station.

We created an IntuiFace experience that lets visitors view the entire garden city and learn more about the plans and progress of the development.

Visitors are able to explore new housing developments, schools, parkland and commercial spaces – as well as watch 3D fly-throughs and aerial footage of the area.

Interactive Wayfinder

We used IntuiFace to develop this interactive wayfinder so people can explore the different industries a company operates in through this infographic cityscape.

Customers can explore the cityscape and drill into different sectors to find out more about the companies operations in a particular sector such as aerospace and telecoms etc.

Interacting with the cityscape in this way really breaks away from traditional presentation methods and tells a more engaging, visual and memorable story that customers can relate to.

Event Interactive

We exhibited at the B2B Marketing Expo at ExCeL in March 2017. We needed a touchscreen experience that would showcase our work whilst demonstrating the powerful impact touchscreens can make.

We created a parallax-style IntuiFace experience, with everything built on one long canvas, that visitors could easily move around with frame-to-frame navigation and interactive page content.

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