Advanced Manufacturing

Your business may be at the forefront of innovation with world-leading solutions. But, when you meet customers do they come away inspired, excited and fully cognisant of what you do and the value you deliver? If not, then they should.


You’ll have invested huge resources in getting to where you are as a business. But, it can be hard to clearly and simply articulate what you do and the value you deliver to customers. Especially, if you’re selling highly specialised and complex solutions, across multiple sectors and customer roles, all with different challenges and requirements.

Being able to shorten your sales cycle by instantly accessing and sharing personalised and relevant information with your customers quickly and easily will give you a competitive edge.

When coupled with interactive 3D models, video, high-resolution imagery, up-to-the-minute technical data, AR, and powerful analytics reporting, a digital sales experience puts all the power into the hands of your sales teams.


This is exactly what we’ll help you do.


We intimately understand the pressure on sales and marketing teams to deliver and what your customers need to make informed buying decisions.

In-person or remote meetings, tradeshows, virtual exhibitions or demo suites, wherever you meet customers we have a clearly defined strategic process that we’ll take you through to create the interactive tools, narrative and impact needed to support your customer conversations and the data and analytics to measure them.


market share gains

“The ability of our sales team to access and share engaging content with target customers quickly contributed to significant market share gains in 2020.”

Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

It was a challenge for us to demo our technology to our customers and ensure that our salespeople were communicating the most relevant and up to date information. POPcomms quickly understood the complexities of our business and the demands of our customers and created an intuitive and well designed interactive sales tool that we can easily update centrally.
Anne-Rieke Schweigatz , Marketing Lead, Global Product Group Horizontal, Syntegon

Interactive 3D models in web and POP’s Interactive Sales Platform

You can now embed interactive 3D models into your webpage or our interactive sales tools and add hotspots for exploring more detailed information


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The sales experience takes our customers on a journey of discovery based on their requirements so that we can work with them to solve their problems and add real value.
Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

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