Advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing sales need an equally advanced sales tool


Your business may be at the forefront of innovation with world-leading technology. But, when you meet customers do they come away educated and inspired, are they excited by what you can do for them? If not, then you have a problem.

The more specialised and complex your solutions, the more challenging it is for customers to make sense of how you can help.

So, you need to simplify the complex and bring their world and your products to life and give sales teams the tools to do this wherever they meet customers.

We made


market share gains

“The ability of our sales team to access and share engaging content with target customers quickly contributed to significant market share gains.”

Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

How we help you get the WOW!


We’ve been there, at the sharp end of manufacturing sales and marketing. We understand the pressure on both, and on buyers to deliver value for their businesses.

Our Customer Success Blueprint™ is our simple yet robust strategic process to get you up running and delivering value as quickly as possible.

It’s designed to uncover what does and doesn’t currently work with your teams and sales, what your business objectives are and those of your customers. It helps to build consensus internally, and unify everybody behind a singular focus to create the very best interactive sales tools.

It was a challenge for us to demo our technology to our customers and ensure that sales were communicating the most relevant and up to date information. POPcomms quickly understood the complexities of our business and the demands of our customers and created an interactive sales tool that made it easy for sales to support customers with their requirements.
Anne-Rieke Schweigatz , Marketing Lead, Global Product Group Horizontal, Syntegon
Black tablet displaying Syntegon interactive touchscreen digital presentation

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