Built Environment

Customer-facing time is precious and you only have a narrow window of opportunity to make an impact and get your message across.


Customers are ever more demanding and informed so you need to be able to quickly educate, excite and differentiate yourself, making the complex simple and personalising your message so it uniquely addresses your customer’s needs during a conversation.


This is exactly what we’ll help you do.


Working with commercial and residential developers, construction material manufacturers and architects, we’ve helped them all to connect with customers and communities using interactive experiences to bring their products, solutions and projects to life.

Whether you’re talking to customers onsite with a tablet, over a video call or in a marketing suite using a large touchscreen you can instantly access and personalise the very latest content.

BIM compliant models, site plans, product specifications, regulatory documentation, interactive configurators, 3D models, AR visualisers, high-resolution images and video whatever content you need to inform and excite customers.

Wherever you meet customers we have a clearly defined strategic process we’ll take you through to create the interactive tools, narrative and impact needed to support your customer conversations and the data and analytics to measure them.


market share gains

“The ability of our sales team to access and share engaging content with target customers quickly contributed to significant market share gains in 2020.”

Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

The experience takes our customers on a journey of discovery based on their requirements so that we can work with them to solve their problems and add real value.
Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger
Wienerberger interactive touchscreen presentation of illustrated map displayed on black tablet
Wienerberger. interactive customer sales tool
Nobody has time for dense, flat and lifeless presentations. We needed to deliver a message that really mattered to our customers in a succinct and impactful way but without losing the important messages. POPComms achieved that for us.
Ceren Balkanay, Marketing Leader, EMEAI, GCP Applied Technologies
Ebbsfleet interactive map displayed on large touchscreen white monitor
Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. Touchscreen experiences for community engagement
Working with POPcomms has been an absolute pleasure. You get a real one-to-one service that you don’t get from other companies and nothing is too much trouble – in fact, they go above and beyond.

But, their real skill is listening to the idea and then delivering it absolutely perfectly, quite simply, they deliver and they deliver better than anyone else in their field.
Mark Templeton, Head of Communications and Engagement, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

Built Environment clients

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