Awareness guide – Interactive sales presentations


What you need to know about interactive sales presentations and creating the WOW!

Discover the benefits and ROI of using an interactive experiences platform to create and manage multiple sales presentations across your organisation, and learn whether it’s right for you.

What you’ll learn?

  • The future of buyer engagement through interactive experiences
  • The importance of creating memorable customer experiences
  • Examples of relationship building sales and marketing content
  • 12 key areas where interactive experiences add value
  • Questions to ask a strategic partner for a successful launch

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Getting started guide – Interactive sales presentations on the POP platform


Crafting your first interactive digital sales experiences and presentations on the POP platform, the definitive guide 

Uncover the secrets to constructing your first interactive sales experience.

What you’ll learn?

  • A little more about team POP
  • How you’ll benefit from using a dedicated platform like POP
  • Maximising the potential of all features to boost your sales and marketing efforts
  • Tapping into the ROI potential
  • Our 3-step process to get you from initial idea to beautiful reality

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Awareness guide – Touchscreen experiences


Everything you need to know about touchscreens and creating touchscreen experiences


What you’ll learn?

  • What are touchscreen experiences
  • What hardware do you need
  • What kind of touchscreen experiences can you create
  • What are some of the main features
  • The main points to consider when creating experiences or working with agencies
  • Your next steps to getting up and running, and loads more.

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Engage, WOW! and win customers with an interactive experiences platform built around you.

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