A high-tech sales tool to make you unstoppable

If you’re in high-tech, hanging by your toes off the surfboard of bleeding-edge innovation is one thing… explaining it to your customers is something else entirely.

It’s time for unstoppable forward momentum. It’s time for the WOW!

Selling new technologies in high-tech B2B sales is a real challenge. Explaining to your customers how this new tech slots into their business to deliver value is a task to test the broadest shoulders.

The POP digital sales experience platform turns this complexity into a captivating visual experience with one-tap access to the most current, invaluable information customers want in meetings.

We use POPcomms because we wanted to tell a story. When presenting to customers you have to find the heart of the message and deliver it in a visually impressive and memorable way – and POPcomms helps us do just that, every time.
Andrew Davidson, Head of Marketing, Hosting, Network & Security, Fujitsu

How we help you get the WOW!


We’ve been there, at the sharp end of manufacturing sales and marketing. We understand the pressure on both, and on buyers to deliver value for their businesses.

Our Customer Success Blueprint™ is our simple yet robust strategic process to get you up running and delivering value as quickly as possible.

It’s designed to uncover what does and doesn’t currently work with your teams and sales, what your business objectives are and those of your customers. It helps to build consensus internally, and unify everybody behind a singular focus to create the very best interactive sales tools.

Be more agile and help your customers make faster, more informed buying decisions.

Find out how you can leverage POPcomms to engage and support your customers.

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