Isotrak. Interactive Sales Tool

Interactive sales tool

A visual story makes complex technology simple to understand and personal

Northampton-based Isotrak is the market leader in telematics systems, its tech being used to track and analyse 95% of all home shopping deliveries in the UK.

Although a market leader, providing solutions to major retailers, logistics and distribution companies, Isotrak was losing business due to an inability to clearly differentiate themselves from cheaper disruptors and less robust solutions.

This is where POP stepped in.

The customer and value are at the heart of everything

Isotrak had always focused on product and features with little emphasis on value. They needed to re-think how it approached customer conversations.

The most important step for us was to make the customer the centre of the conversation, not the technology.

Secondly, it was about personalisation.

In any business there are many individuals, all with different roles and challenges, all of whom are impacted differently by Isotrak’s technology. It is these individuals’ concerns Isotrak needed to address.

Isotrak interactive presentation shown on black tablet
Isotrak interactive presentation of illustrated map shown on black tablet

Show, don’t tell

We believe the best way to anchor your value proposition in someone’s mind is by showing them what you’ll do for them, not telling them.

To do this we created an interactive digital world that Isotrak’s customers would recognise and feel comfortable with.

This showed Isotrak understood its customers’ businesses and needs, but also allowed it to demonstrate how its technology impacted on key elements of that world, resolving issues and unlocking potential.

Isotrak now has a compelling and persuasive story to tell and a tool that makes it easy for the sales reps and customers to have more productive and consultative conversations.