Isotrak. Visual storytelling for complex solutions

A visual story makes complex technology simple to understand and personal

Isotrak’s technology tracks 95% of all home shopping deliveries in the UK and is the market leader in telematics systems, providing solutions to major retailers, logistics and distribution companies.

However, they faced intense competition from new entrants and were losing business due to their inability to clearly differentiate themselves from cheaper and less robust solutions.

Isotrak had always focused on product and features with little emphasis on value. They needed to re-think how they approached their customer conversations.

We helped them do just that.

The customer and value are at the heart of everything

The most important step for us was to make the customer the centre of the conversation, not the technology.

Secondly, it was about personalisation. Isotrak wasn’t just selling to a business, there is a myriad of individuals all with specific roles and different challenges within a customer organisation, all of whom would be impacted in different ways by Isotrak’s technology – all of these individuals’ concerns needed to be addressed.

Show, don’t tell

The best way to anchor your value proposition in someone’s mind is by showing them what you’ll do not telling them.

By creating a visual of the customer’s world you are immediately showing them something they are familiar and comfortable with, demonstrating that you understand their business and pressure points.

From here you can easily show how your technology impacts each of those key roles, resolving issues and unlocking potential.

Isotrak now has a more compelling and persuasive story to tell and a tool that makes it easy for the sales rep and customer to have more productive conversations.