JSP. Empowering the sales team and customers

A sales tool to supercharge JSP

JSP is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of ‘above the neck’ Personal Protective Equipment.

An estimated 40 million people a day use JSP products to protect themselves at home and work, using equipment made across three continents and exported to 100 countries.

That’s a lot of sales!

JSP urgently needed a custom developed interactive sales tool for their global sales reps and customers to quickly access this complex portfolio of 300 plus products and growing; each with their own specifications, H&S standards, technical documentation, accessories, 3D product models, videos and images.

It needed to be visually striking, intuitive to use, multi-lingual, work on any device (laptops, tablets, large touchscreens at events) and enable customer conversations to continue – even remotely – when it isn’t possible to meet face-to-face.

So, we created it for them…

large touchscreen tablet showing JSP DigiHUB digital sale enablement presentation of interactive map

Make it easy  for your customers

Working closely with the JSP team, our first task was to understand their vision for the tool; nailing the business case and their core requirements; guiding them in the art of the possible.

And from day one, governing everything we did, was the question: “How can we make it easy for JSP customers to find the product and information they need to make the right buying decision?”

Black laptop displaying JSB DigiHUB digital sales enablement presentation Powercap Inifinity Respirator

Empowering  the sales team and customers

Once the mission was clearly defined, we forged ahead with designing and developing the tool. Using an Agile methodology, we work in a considered, iterative, and efficient way, that enables customers to try out the tool early with customers and refine quickly; ensuring they are getting exactly what they really need to boost sales.

The sales enablement tool we created for JSP combines state-of-the-art technology, striking design, and a powerful content management system which updates every global version of the tool instantly, crucial in such a highly regulated sector.

Fully integrated with JSP’s back-office systems to speed up the buyer journey, the experience puts the power into the hands of customers to easily self-serve (crucial for business continuity during lockdowns for example) and gives the sales teams access to any information a customer might need to make an informed decision.

Black iPad displaying JSP DigiHUB interactive touchscreen presentation showing Sonis2 Ear Defenders

A constantly evolving, feature-rich experience

But, as JSP’s customers and the market constantly evolves, so too does the sales tool. We work closely with JSP to constantly refine and add valuable features to support customers and keep JSP one step ahead of their competition.

JSP now has a state-of-the-art, powerful sales tool that is driving their business forward.

Black iPhone displaying JSP DigiHUB touchscreen sales enablement tool showing 3 construction workers wearing safety gear
A fully responsive experience from mobile to large touchscreens


Here are some of the transformative features we’ve built into the tool.


AI automation allows the tool to be translated in each JSP territory with local customisation and no loss in quality of technical information.

Single source of truth

A central, Content Management System (CMS) means JSP centrally control all content in every version of the tool, in any territory or language.

Business continuity

Supports any customer conversation whether face-to-face or remote, ensuring business continuity during lockdowns.

Intelligent search

Customers can search products by safety standards, job role, industry, noise levels, use case and brand.

Any device, anytime

The tool works on any device, from large touchscreens for tradeshows to tablets and smartphones as well as online and offline.

Multiple versions

JSP can make custom versions available to key customers, all controlled from the single CMS, so each customer and distributor can self-serve.

Share any content

Any content can be instantly shared with customers. If they are interested in a product, details can be emailed with all the necessary information and customisations, whilst a record is sent to JSP’s CRM.

Systems integrations

The tool is connected to JSP back-office systems such as their CRM so valuable data is automatically synced with the sales tool.

Advanced analytics

Every customer interaction or product selected and downloaded is automatically tracked so JSP know exactly what customers ae looking at.


Routine, time-consuming tasks such as creating bespoke product PDF requests by customers are automatically generated by the platform saving hours of admin time.