Sales Enablement Tools

When you meet customers, in-person or remote, you’ve only got a narrow window of opportunity to impress.


You need to demonstrate your capabilities, the value you deliver and the opportunities you create and be seen as a strategic partner, not just another supplier.

How do you do this? 


By giving your customers personalised, visually persuasive and relevant customer experiences that WOW, and leave them wanting to do business with you.

Interactive sales tools help teams instantly access, demonstrate and share the most up-to-date, relevant content tailored to your customer’s needs, to shorten the sales cycle and deepen customer relationships. 

We’re here to help you do just that.


We intimately understand the pressure on you and your team to deliver and what resonates with your buyers. At POP, we have a strategic process we’ll take you through to create powerful, centrally controlled, data-driven interactive sales tools that are built around your customers’ needs.


You and your sales team can have the confidence you have everything needed in those vital moments when talking to customers.


market share gains

“The ability of our sales team to access and share engaging content with target customers quickly contributed to significant market share gains in 2020.”

Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

The big window of differentiation in the next five to ten years will be those companies that come up with creative, unexpected and powerful immersive digital experiences.
Brent Adamson, Distinguished Vice President, Gartner
POPcomms took one idea and shaped it into a multi-touch program – executable in different ways, languages and over an extended time frame. As a direct result, we doubled our lead capture, delivered stunning content to the business, and in the first 7 days of the demand generation phase, this program has delivered over 1,000 leads and a strong 6–digit contribution to the sales pipeline.
Mike Oliver, Senior Marketing Manager, Citrix
woman interacting with Corin interactive touchscreen software displayed on large white table
Corin. Medical Devices. Touchscreen experience
The enhanced customer engagement app POP built us provides our sales teams with that extra bit of magic, which sets us apart from our competition, and is both smart and trackable.
Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger
Black tablet displaying Syntegon interactive touchscreen digital presentation showing manufacturing lab
Syntegon. Advanced Manufacturing. Global sales tool
We came to POPcomms because we wanted to tell a story. When presenting to customers you have to find the heart of the message and deliver it in a visually impressive and memorable way – and POPcomms do just that.
Andrew Davidson, Head of Marketing, Hosting, Network & Security, Fujitsu

Some of the transformative features of an interactive sales enablement tool

Central control of content & messaging

With a central Content Management System, content can be fully controlled and updated instantly by marketing and product teams. As a result, your content will always be current and sales won’t need to worry about searching for the latest content before a meeting.

Connect to back office systems

Connect your sales tool to your CRM, PIM and DAM. With these automated integrations, your sales tool becomes a powerful two-way hub for data, analytics and information for your sales team.

Advanced analytics

Every interaction, search, product selection and content download is automatically tracked, allowing you to see the journey customers take through your sales tool.

Any device, anytime

Your sales tool will work across any device, both online and offline. The sales team can access content in front of customers wherever they meet with no worries about having an internet connection.

Share any content

Any content, product, case study or configuration can be instantly shared with a customer. They’ll receive an email with all the content they requested, whilst a record is sent to your CRM.

Flexible conversations

Your sales tool is structured around your exact needs, and consultative conversations are at the heart of this. With a flexible narrative, your sales team can approach a conversation from many different angles depending on your customer’s needs.

Versions for customers and partners

For valued customers, partners, resellers or distributors, you can provide them with their own custom version of the sales tool. This ensures they have the exact products and content they need to promote, sell or buy from you.


We’ll work with you to understand your business and challenges, discovering parts of your sales process which are repetitive or manual. Your sales tool can automate these tasks to save time and allow sales to focus on what’s important.


Your sales tool can support multiple languages, all centrally controlled, with specific content for each region to support different regulatory or product requirements.

Shorten your sales cycle

Significantly reduce the time taken to provide customers with the specifications and information they need to make a buying decision. Some clients have reduced this from one week to 5 minutes.

Easily handle complex product portfolios

No matter how complex your portfolio of products, solutions or variations you can easliy find the relevant product in seconds for customers with intelligent and intuitive filtering and search features.

Interactive 3D models in web and POP’s Interactive Sales Platform

You can now embed interactive 3D models into your webpage or our interactive sales tools and add hotspots for exploring more detailed information


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