Citrix. Doubling lead capture through interactive storytelling

Interactive customer engagement experiences

Simplifying the complexities of data security

Citrix is a digital workspace platform that enables 100 million+ users across 400,000 organisations to stay securely connected to business systems on the go, whilst arming IT with the visibility, simplicity, and security needed to control it all.

Mobile security is a complex issue and crowded marketplace. Helping customers to understand the complexities, challenges and consequences of failure and converting them into Citrix customers had proven very difficult.

Citrix needed to be able to communicate the value of its technology offering to a non-technical audience, across many sectors, in different countries and with different knowledge levels.

We helped them do
just that.

Motion graphics video to release the results of an interactive survey, part of the wider campaign we developed

POP took one idea and shaped it into a multi-touch experience – executable in different ways and over an extended time frame. As a direct result, we doubled our lead capture at our booths, delivered stunning content to the business and in the first 7 days of the demand generation phase, this program has delivered over 1,000 leads and a strong 6–digit contribution to the sales pipeline.
Mike Oliver, Senior Marketing Manager, Citrix

Visualise your story  simply and clearly

Through an initial workshop with Citrix it was clear that, despite the complexity of their solutions, there was a simple customer-focused story that could be told.

We visualised an ideal mobile enterprise and the fictional working life of an employee at the heart of it. He created the bridge between where customers were now and where Citrix could take them.

From the visuals to the content that challenged the customers understanding and thinking, Citrix now have a sales experience that educated, informed, added insight and value but also established Citrix as a thought leader.

Most importantly though, customers were now able to make sense of what Citrix enables them to do and empowered them to choose the right partner – Citrix.