Customer experience centers

Immerse your customers in visually rich and enticing interactive touchscreen experiences that inspire, inform and excite with every touch.


When you bring customers onsite you want to create a sense of WOW! and excitement, you want to immerse them in your brand and impress them.

But, it isn’t just about creating the WOW! your customers are onsite to learn and understand more about you and what you can do for them. Fancy interactives also have to serve a crucial business function of enlightening customers and clearly anchoring in their minds what you can solve for them and the value you deliver.


This is exactly what we’ll do for you and your customers.

Interactive video wall displaying a 3d image of an advanced engineering factory which is controlled from a touchscreen with a man standing in front
ABB’s interactive innovation centre for the Digital Manufacturing Centre, Ireland
a selection of interactive touchscreens in a demo centre for GEA showing interactive sales presentations, machines onshow
GEA innovation centre

image to promote a download of our touchscreen guide

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