Laurus Homes. Creating the WOW for home buyers

Bringing the dream home to life

Laurus Homes, part of Trafford Housing Trust and L&Q, are a housing developer with 10 sites under development.

When looking to buy their dream home customers want to be able to explore the different house types and options in a development and get a real feel for the homes.

Using an immersive and enticing touchscreen experience helps to build that excitement and gives customers all the information they need about any of the homes from a single experience.

Home buyers can browse development siteplans using various search criteria to find the perfect home

Making it easy for the home buyer and sales teams

When homebuyers visit one of the marketing suites at a Laurus Homes development, they can now explore all of the different house types within that plot, drilling down into the house specifications, filtering different options depending on the buyer’s wants and needs.

The developments share the same touchscreen experience connected to a central information source, allowing homebuyers and the sales team at Laurus to view properties within the whole portfolio of Laurus Homes and with updates being instantaneous the latest information on availability is always displayed.

Some of the features we’ve built into the experience

Multiple developments

Laurus can have an unlimited number of developments all connected and accessible from an initial map screen. so if buyers can’t find a suitable property at one development they can explore others.

Central control

A web-based Content Management System allows marketing and sales to instantly update any information in any development and all the touchscreens in all developments will be automatically updated.

CRM integration

The Content Management System (CMS) is connected to the main Laurus Homes CRM. Any changes in the CRM, e.g, to the availability of a house or a new property being added, will automatically be pulled into the CMS and updated on the development touchscreens.

Intelligent search

Intelligent filters on the touchscreens let buyers search for house types in multiple ways. From number of bedrooms, price, available dates, location etc. They can also search the local area for amenities such as schools, restaurants, travel etc.

Advanced analytics

Every customer interaction, property viewed or brochure downloaded is automatically tracked and entered into the CRM so Laurus know exactly what is popular.

Share any content

Buyers can send themselves brochures and specific property information directly from the touchscreen and this too will be logged in the CRM.

A map of all the Laurus Homes developments can be searched from any screen in any development