“The experience takes our customers on a journey of discovery based on their requirements, so that we can work with them to solve their problems and add real value”. Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

As part of their ongoing business-wide digital transformation strategy Wienerberger UK, a global leader in brick and infrastructure solutions, approached us to create a customer-centred digital sales experience

They had a number of challenges that they needed to address:

  • A broad customer base – ranging from large multi-national merchants, architects and developers to small local builders,
  • A large and varied product portfolio – encompassing bricks, roofing materials and facades – which were not easy to find immediately,
  • Inconsistent or diluted brand messaging across different products and countries,
  • An inability to track marketing impact and RoI effectively
  • Integration of the experience with their Showpad sales enablement platform.

They needed to create an experience that, not only strengthened their brand for the future by differentiating themselves from their competitors, but also as a tool to meet the ever-increasing digital needs of their global customers, even more so with the ongoing Covid restrictions.

We started the process with our Customer-First Blueprint workshop. With Wienerberger’s sales and marketing team we looked into the needs of the business, identifying the problems that needed to be solved for their customers and sales teams and what success would look like.

We then mapped out the sales tool – the user experience, buyer journey and functionality. This collaborative stage is crucial to get the full picture of what needs to be achieved. It also ensures buy-in from all stakeholders and adoption amongst the teams that will be using the experience with customers.

“Sometimes marketeers can have a reputation for little vanity projects, but this definitely is NOT one of those. We could have built an awesome looking sales tool, but if it doesn’t solve an immediate need that the sales team are facing then it isn’t going to be of use or useful,” Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger.

The outcome is an interactive experience that now showcases their products through a visual story using 3D modeling as the global interface. Hotspots allow the user to explore further content and to access more detailed information being pulled in from the Showpad platform enabling their sales teams to:

  • Access the most up-to-date and relevant information quickly and easily,
  • Have a more consultative approach, by personalising the content to the customer’s exact needs,
  • Be able to instantly access and share detailed technical information with customers,
  • Take their customers on a journey of discovery to explore products they had not considered.

Additionally, for marketing the tool has had the following benefits:

  • Improved synergy between the sales and marketing functions,
  • Detailed analytics help them see what content is most effective with customers and helps to gauge the RoI of the experience,
  • Control of all content to ensure consistency across all teams – helping to create one voice and one source of truth.

“The enhanced App POP built us provides our sales teams with that extra bit of magic, which sets us apart from our competition, and is both smart and trackable.”
Dan Cheung, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

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