Abcam. Interactive wayfinding

Interactive wayfinding

For Abcam’s new state-of-the-art biotech campus headquarters in Cambridge they needed an interactive wayfinding experience for staff and visitors to be able to explore their new building and the wider campus area.

Innovative features and design

Fifteen touchscreens are positioned throughout eight floors of the new building. The interactive experience uses fluid animations allowing the user to swipe through different floors, tapping on zones to find out further information. With an intelligent search implemented, people can find meeting rooms, offices, labs and facilities simply through a contemporary user interface making the experience intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Each wayfinder is location-aware, directing people to their chosen location within the building. An intuitive content management system lets Abcam update the content from a central portal, making any updates instantaneous.

The experience is fully responsive and can be accessed through a weblink, so visitors can also browse the headquarters using their own mobiles.

The same wayfinding experience can work across all mobile devices
The new Abcam headquarters
The AV installation and wayfinding won an Inavation Award in 2020