if you want to win them
You've got to wow them

When you meet customers, you have a narrow window of opportunity to impress.

You not only need to demonstrate your capabilities, the value you deliver and opportunities you create, but you also need to access any content the customer feels is important and this all needs to be delivered through a personalised, visually compelling and engaging experience that WOWs.

And, we’re here to help you do just that.

Stay connected to your customers
Interactive sales experience
Bringing urban regeneration to life through interactives
Medical customer sales experience
Interactive presentation touchscreen
Interactive customer experience
The Royal Mint - interactive touchscreen design - POPcomms
Exploring heritage coins through a whole new experience
Sales enablement interactive for construction
Accessing a treasure trove of archive films through touch
Visualising customer value in a sales tool

"We came to POPcomms because we wanted to tell a story.
When presenting to customers you have to find the heart of the message and deliver it in a visually impressive and memorable way - and POPcomms do just that."

Andrew Davidson – Head of Marketing, Hosting, Network & Security – Fujitsu

What We Do

Masters of persuasion

Companies come to us to help them capture people's attention, pique their curiosity and spark meaningful conversations.

We do this by putting their customers at the heart of the story, and creating visually engaging touchscreen experiences and interactive presentations.

The result? Persuasive visuals, compelling stories and captivating interactive experiences that underpin business objectives, influence perceptions and drive more profitable conversations.

Discover visual storytelling

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Sales Enablement Tools

Create engaging, interactive talking points

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Let audiences feel their way around your brand

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Need a hand crafting your story?
We know our work is about starting the conversations that matter to you and your business. So we get straight down to business, taking an honest, thoughtful and insightful approach to bringing your story to life. If you’d like to find out how we can help, please get in touch.
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