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Germany-based Syntegon is a world-leader in processing and packaging technology for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Operating from 30 locations in more than 15 countries, and with more than 6,000 employees this manufacturing giant has a lot going on!

With a complex portfolio of machines and solutions, Syntegon came to us to solve a crucial problem: How could it convey a single, consistent voice across all of their sales conversations globally?

The challenge was to create a single, centrally managed sales tool capable of giving customers personalised experiences and instant access to information; no matter their industry or job role.

Syntegon. A video case study highlighting the challenges and how we addressed these for Syntegon with the interactive sales experience

It was a challenge for us to demo our technology to our customers and ensure that our salespeople were communicating the most relevant and up to date information. POPcomms quickly understood the complexities of our business and the demands of our customers and created an intuitive and well designed interactive sales tool that we can easily update centrally.
Anne-Rieke Schweigatz, Global Product Marketing Lead, Syntegon
woman holding an iPad with an interactive sales tool for food processing machine manufacturer syntegon

Success is a customer-first approach

With a project of this complexity knowing where to start can be overwhelming for clients. But with POPcomms onboard, Syntegon could relax.

As always, we started with our unique Customer-First Blueprint®; a collaborative discovery and scoping process that explores, identifies, and prioritises your business objectives and those of your sales team and customers.

It helps to establish a unified vision and consensus amongst all the stakeholders involved and buy-in from the sales team. It also sets out a blueprint for the long-term development and strategic success of the sales tool.

two black tablets displaying Syntegon interactive touchscreen digital presentation showing manufacturing office

A powerful and feature-rich experience

With the blueprint agreed we could start user-experience design and development using an Agile methodology. A highly efficient development approach that allowed Syntegon to test out the sales tool as it evolved and refine on the fly.

Built around their customers’ needs and rooted in our ‘customer-first’ mantra, Syntegon’s experience sits on the Showpad Revenue Enablement platform.

It’s a visually-striking, and intuitive tool that lets sales reps access any one of hundreds of machines and solutions – and all their related content such as specifications, documentation, videos technical drawings, and service information.

Black tablet displaying Syntegon interactive touchscreen digital presentation

Confidence and peace of mind

With complete access to the experience’s Content Management System, Marketing now has full control over every aspect of the content and messaging presented to customers.

The experience is a single ‘source of truth’, instantly accessible for all that use it.

And because knowing everything about your clients and their needs is so important, we gave Syntegon the ability to harvest valuable data and analytics, all of which are constantly being fed.

Syntegon’s global sales team can now be confident they have everything they or a customer needs at their fingertips to speed up the sales cycle, improve the customer experience and help maintain Syntegon as a world leader, now, and into the future.

Some of the transformative features of the Syntegon sales tool

Flexible conversations

The sales tool is designed to let the sales rep have a more consultative conversation with a customer. The rep can approach a conversation from many different angles depending on the customer’s requirements.

Central control

With a central Content Management System, content can be fully controlled and updated instantly by marketing and product teams. As a result, content is always current and sales don’t need to worry about searching for the latest content before a meeting.

Back office systems integration

The experience is connected to Syntegon’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to track every customer interaction. Also connected to their Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, any changes to machine imagery or assets are automatically pulled through to the tool.

Advanced analytics

Every customer interaction or product selected and downloaded is automatically tracked so Syntegon knows exactly what is popular with customers.

Any device, anytime

The sales experience will work across any device, both online and offline, so the sales team don’t need to worry about having an internet connection with a customer. It’s also designed to work on large touchscreens at tradeshows and events.

Share any content

Any content can be instantly shared with customers. If they are interested in a product full details can be emailed directly with all the necessary information and recorded in  Syntegon’s CRM.

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