Barcardi-Martini. Using an interactive sales tool as an alternative to a static PowerPoint presentation

Using an interactive sales experience to help customer conversations

Bacardi is the largest privately owned global spirits company, boasting ownership of 62 different spirit brands.

The challenge faced by Bacardi’s sales representatives lies in their dealings with an incredibly diverse customer base. Whether they are addressing the specific needs of bars, restaurants, or clubs, they encounter a wide range of individuals such as bartenders, managers, and owners, each with their own distinct requirements and varying levels of familiarity with Bacardi’s brand portfolio.

Given the limited time sales representatives have to interact with customers, it can be quite challenging to engage in broader conversations regarding potential challenges these customers might be experiencing. This includes discussing the introduction of new brands, implementing activations, or suggesting profitable market research opportunities

black iPad displaying Bombay Sapphire on Bacardi Limited touchscreen interactive sales enablement tool

Our solution

We created a customer-centric interactive sales experience to enhance the effectiveness of Bacardi’s customer meetings.

Now Bacardi’s sales reps are armed with a visually impressive sales tool that gives them more-or-less instant access to all relevant information, allowing them to conduct deeper and more meaningful conversations with their customers.

The sales tool POP created helps our Customer Account Managers to have much more efficient meetings. The customer journey is polished, allowing them to navigate and tailor the vast amount of content – including heritage, innovation, product range and cocktail recipes – quickly and easily, so conversations continue to flow naturally and are more productive.
Thomas Seymour, Head of UK & Ireland Commercial Capability, Bacardi

How did we do it?

We know from experience that the key to adoption of a successful sales enablement tool is buy-in from those that will be using it.

So, with members of the sales team on board, we started the project with our Customer-First Blueprint® workshop.

Scoping out what success looks like for Bacardi, the sales team and their customers, and creating a Blueprint for the delivery of a perfect sales tool.

Take-up of a new platform can often be a challenge, even if it ticks every box. It’s so important to get the sales team involved in the development of the sales tool from the very beginning in order to get 100% adoption. POP ran an initial workshop for some of the sales team to offer their insights and requirements.
Thomas Seymour, Head of UK & Ireland Commercial Capability, Bacardi

The result

Once we fully understood Bacardi’s needs, we were able to craft a sophisticated, user-friendly and entirely interactive sales tool. Bacardi’s sales team now have the flexibility to tailor their conversations and content to suit the specific needs of their audience regardless of who they are speaking with.

Reps can now quickly access what matters most to individual customers.

Whether it’s the latest market research, popular cocktail recipes, effective upselling strategies, brand details, or activation insights, all of this can be retrieved within seconds saving valuable time and creating more time for the customer.

Sales representatives now have precisely the information they require precisely when they need it.

Black iPad displaying Bacardi Limited interactive touchscreen sales enablement tool showing Bombay Sapphire Jack Daniels Eristoff Vodka
We’ve worked with POP for several years, they understand our business and created a tool that is not only well-liked by our sales team, but one that whets our customers’ appetite by bringing our products to life. We know when a meeting has gone well if everyone is enticed by the cocktail recipes by the end!
Thomas Seymour, Head of UK & Ireland Commercial Capability, Bacardi