GCP Applied Technologies. Visualising complex construction projects

Visually articulating the benefits of technically complex materials

The world’s most successful architects, builders and contractors turn to global manufacturer GCP’s advanced products and solutions for their construction projects.

GCP wanted to make their sales presentations more engaging, immersive and memorable to their diverse range of customers, all of whom had different requirements and challenges. They also wanted to add value to their customer conversations by positioning themselves as thought-leaders.

We needed to deliver a message that really mattered to our customers in a succinct and impactful way, but without losing the important messages. POPComms achieved that for us.

They were great at decoding our complex products and turning it into a naturally flowing interactive story.
Ceren Balkanay, Marketing Leader, EMEAI

A single tool for every customer touchpoint

The illustrated cross-section of a city and construction site visually articulates where GCP’s waterproofing products are best-in-class. The cross-section can be expanded and contracted, highlighting the considerations and risks when undertaking a major construction project.

The visual experience brings the GCP brand and products to life, allowing the sales team to speak to their customers in a more consultative way. It clearly articulates their value and cements GCP as a world leader in their field.

Interactive product models help illustrate the technologies