BMW. Touchscreen experiences for events

Exploring BMW’s latest  models through touch

BMW is the headline sponsor for several events throughout the year, including the PGA European Golf Tour Championships, Goodwood Festival of Speed and Formula-E.

At each event BMW creates a village where visitors can explore their latest cars and technology.

Shiny new cars aside, the focal attraction at each of the villages are a series of POP designed and developed interactive touchscreen experiences.

woman and man interacting with BMW interactive touchscreen app displayed on grey and blue wall
Interactive displays throughout the PGA European Golf Tour Championships village

Portraying a dynamic and innovative brand

Intuitive and fun to use, visitors can explore the latest BMW models and learn about their new features and technologies.

But as well as being part of an enjoyable day out, we build in added value for BMW by including our analytics software, ensuring that every user interaction is tracked.

The data harvested from our experiences is sent directly back to BMW helping it build a picture of exactly which models and features are of most interest to future customers.

3 images displaying example of BMW digital display software
blue BMW soft-top sports car displayed at PGA Championship
The pavillion at the PGA European Golf Tour Championships
BMW interactive touchscreen software displayed at PGA Championship event gold blue black sports car
The village at the PGA European Golf Tour Championships