GSMA. Easy access to complex information

Business Intelligence on demand

The GSM Association (GSMA) is the global trade body that represents 1,200+ mobile operators, companies and policymakers globally.

As the global standards association for the communications industry, they produce thousands of documents and videos annually on their latest research, standards specifications, and thought leadership.

In a rapidly developing sector, it’s business-critical that customers, members and policymakers can access this business intelligence instantly when attending any of the many conferences run by the GSMA globally. Including their flagship event, Mobile World Congress, which attracts 180,000 visitors each year.


person wearing diamond ring interacting with interactive touchscreen presentation displayed on large monitor on wooden table
For the Ministerial Programme, government policymakers can access live data visualisations

We partnered with the GSMA  to develop an interactive touchscreen experience that acted as a central information resource (a Digital Hub), letting people easily access PDFs, videos and interactive data tools when attending any conference, anywhere in the world.

The interactive experience puts all the power into the hands of the GSMA team who manage it globally and their customers with some powerful features…

For their customers
  • Instant access to any document they could possibly need
  • Customers can tag any document and email it to themselves directly from the experience
  • Documents can be accessed in multiple languages
For the GSMA
  • Every interactive is connected to a cloudbased Content Management System (CMS) so the GSMA global teams can update content and documents centrally and every interactive, wherever it is in the world, will be automatically updated
  • The interactives work on any screen size from large format touchscreens to tablets, laptops and mobile
  • The CMS lets the teams create multiple versions of the Digital Hub with bespoke branding and content to be used simultaneously at different events around the world
  • Analytics track exactly what customers are reading, watching and downloading, so the GSMA are able to get a clear idea of topics and key areas of interest for their customers
  • The interactives significantly reduce the need for printed collateral onsite and the challenge of constant last-minute content changes
  • Operate both online and offline, so if the internet is poor or non-existent then the experience will still work for customers
Black laptop displaying digital sales enablement presentation
iPads throughout venues give attendees access to the Digital Hub