Roche. Using interactives to explore complex systems

Making life easier for customers and employees

Roche is the world’s biggest biotech company.

A global innovator across all major disease areas and the leading supplier of in vitro diagnostics, the Swiss giant has a vast portfolio of products and solutions.

We are proud to partner with them developing innovative digital solutions to various challenges that they face in supporting their internal teams, sales and customers.

Black iPad displaying Roche interactive touchscreen presentation showing illustrations of hospital envrionment

An innovative digital directory for customers and employees

With such an extensive and complex portfolio, the ability to speedily access PDFs, presentations, videos and the constantly evolving compliance information for all these products was becoming a huge headache.

That is where we came in.

Now, when a customer, member of staff or sales rep needs product information they use ServiceBox.

A visually striking interactive tool, ServiceBox instantly searches across multiple global asset and content databases to pull in all the related assets and information someone needs in the moment.

ServiceBox has significantly improved visibility across Roche’s business and made life for its employees and sales reps a whole lot easier.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot share much information publicly about our work for Roche.