Roche. Using interactives to explore complex information

Making life easier for customers and employees

Roche is the world’s biggest biopharmaceuticals company, the leading supplier of in vitro diagnostics and an innovator across major disease areas.

We are proud to partner with them developing innovative digital solutions to various challenges that they face to support their internal teams, sales and customers.

An innovative digital directory for customers and employees

Roche has a vast portfolio of products and solutions. Identifying who the product, marketing and sales reps are for each, as well as finding the relevant associated collateral, such as PDFs, presentations, videos and the latest commercial and compliance information was becoming a huge headache.

We developed an interactive tool, known as ServiceBox, to address this problem. Now, when a sales rep is with a customer or an employee and needs to quickly access information about a product or service they can use ServiceBox, which in essence is an interactive, visual search tool. ServiceBox allows the sales teams to instantly search across multiple global asset and content databases to pull in all related documents for the selected service.

The interactive experience also displays key contacts, commercial and compliance information so  team members know who to contact and the real time status of the product or solution in question.

ServiceBox has significantly improved visibility across Roche’s business and made life for their employees and sales reps a little easier.



For confidential reasons, we cannot share much information publicly about our work for Roche, but would be happy to explain more on a call.