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“The big window of differentiation in the next five to ten years will be those companies that come up with very creative, unexpected, powerful, immersive digital experiences.”

Brent Adamson, Distinguished Vice President, Gartner


Hello Bristan

We put this page together to give you a little insight into our sales platform which is designed to make it easy for your end customers to instantly access all your great information through a personalised experience no matter where they are – on a touchscreen instore, on a laptop over a remote meeting or face to face using a tablet .

As well as putting a tool into the hands of your sales reps and partners which makes it easy for them to sell, connecting them directly to all your latest, onbrand content and providing you with detailed analytics to constantly evolve and improve customer satisfaction.

Below is a diagram giving you a quick overview of how our sales tools connect Marketing and Sales teams directly to end customers, partners and sales reps. Providing the very latest content, personalisation, live data & analytics, across every customer touchpoint.

Bristan architecture diagram

Here are just some of the transformative benefits of our interactive sales tools

Single Source of Truth

A central Content Management System ensures marketing have full control of all content accessible by the sales tool. Sales don’t need to worry if they have the latest spec sheet or brochure or need to spend time looking for it.

“It was important for our sales team to have the right tool to support them to tailor the conversation for individual customers, everything in one tool, one single source of truth” Syntegon

“65% of reps report that they’re unable to locate meaningful content to send to their prospects, which makes this the most common complaint that sales teams have.” CSO Insights


Buyers want personalised experiences where they can easily access content directly relevant to and tailored to their needs and requirements. Our sales tool put the power into your customers hands.

“The experience takes our customers on a journey of discovery based on their requirements, so that we can work with them to solve their problems and add real value” Wienerberger

“only 34.1% of organizations effectively tailor their content to their target customers.” CSO Insights

Shorten the sales cycle

By providing relevant, just in time information to customers when they request it the sales cycle time can be significantly reduced.

“It’s been a massive step change. A year or so ago, from first contact with an architect or specifier client, to getting specification information out, it could be up to a week. Whereas now, we can also be more consultative and offer alternative suggestions that fit the brief, and get them what they need in, literally, minutes.” Wienerberger

Data & Insights

Every interaction, product selection and content download by a customer is automatically tracked and recorded, so you can see the journey customers take through the sales tool and what has most traction. You can monitor adoption of your sales tool, usage by the teams and detailed RoI metrics.

Powerful analytics enable you to constantly optimise your content to your customers’ ever changing needs.

Changing buyer expectations of digital & self-serve

“75% of B2B decision makers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-serve.” McKinsey 2021

Buyers want the latest relevant information instantly and in many cases want to self-serve. Our sales tool gives them relevant tailored information on demand and enable our customers’ customer to self-serve, saving valuable sales rep time and making buying easier for their customers.

Omni-channel sales experience

Our sales tools are a single platform that work across multiple touchpoints. In the field with sales reps on laptops or tablets, on touchscreens in a customer showroom, or in the hands of customers and partners on mobile.

One single platform works across multiple customer touchpoints. It doesn’t need to be one experience either, the CMS allows teams to create multiple versions depending on the end use case.

“By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.” Gartner

Time saving for sales reps

With a Single Source of Truth CMS, sales need far less time preparing content for meetings, searching for the latest content, customising it to the client and researching what might be required.

“Only 33% of a sales rep’s time is spent actively selling.” CSO Insights

“Our sales reps are embracing the drag and drop feature to create their own collection of assets that they use most often. So this just needs to be done once and then they have all they need, access to all the knowledge in the organisation in one tool.” Syntegon


Our sales tools can automate many time consuming tasks that would otherwise consume valuable sales rep time. E.g. the creation of tailored product information dependent on a customer conversation in real-time. No longer does the rep need to go back to the office to put a customised proposal together.

Customer & team satisfaction

Customer satisfaction improves as you are addressing their needs, giving them instant access to information and personalising your content around them making it easy for them to make buying decisions.

Sales can be confident they have everything they need when meeting customers no matter where the conversation goes or their knowledge level. Marketing know sales have the latest, on brand, approved and compliant content.

The Exec board can be confident their teams have the best tool possible to support them and the data and analytics to measure success. This all helps to build trust in customers that you can help them and are the right partner.

“I can access and browse all the sales materials I need in one place so that I can easily show, or send them to my customers and colleagues. It is easy to navigate, looks really professional and allows me to deliver sales materials in an effective way.“ Coloplast

£6 million of additional profit

“We gained market share of around £6 million of additional profit, directly taken out of our competitors’ pocket. The interactive sales tool contributed significantly to this gain by allowing sales conversations to be tailored effortlessly around our customer’s needs. It made information more accessible and easily shared”

Dan Cheung, Wienerberger