Fujitsu. Cybersecurity interactive sales presentation

Simplifying the complex

We work with Fujitsu to help visually articulate their cybersecurity credentials, value proposition and establish them as thought leaders within the sector.

Cybersecurity is a complex story and Fujitsu are a relatively new entrant, so building credibility and authority is a priority. Being able to visualise the story of cybersecurity, around the customer, in a simple, memorable yet powerful and persuasive way is crucial.

The interactive presentations we’ve built for Fujitsu encourage conversational presenting and help them to tailor the message specifically to their customers’ sector and knowledge, or lack of, around cybersecurity.

We came to POPcomms because we wanted to tell a story. When presenting to customers you have to find the heart of the message and deliver it in a visually impressive and memorable way – and POPcomms do just that, every time for us.
Andrew Davidson, Head of Marketing, Hosting, Network & Security, Fujitsu