The WOW to make Corin stand out

Cirencester-based Corin is a world leader in orthopaedic innovation, transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients who have benefitted from its cutting-edge products.

When your business is at the vanguard of medical technology and innovation it’s important you tell your story in an equally impressive way; our experiences provided the WOW that Corin and their customers deserved.

We worked with Corin to create an interactive experience that would really bring their technologies to life.

person interacting with Corin interactive touchscreen software displayed on large white tablet
65″ 4k touchscreens were the perfect displays to give the Corin experience real impact, several customers can use the screens simultaneously

Let customers immerse themselves in your brand

Using 65” 4K touchscreen tables suitable for trade shows, exhibitions and marketing suits, we developed an immersive experience with real impact.

We incorporated interactive 3D models of a range of Corin’s orthopaedic devices allowing customers to spin round, zoom in and pick out detail of the products. Videos, images, technical PDFs and other data could all be accessed from the table.

Several people can use the experience at once, so none of that awkward waiting-for-a-turn business. Customers can also email themselves any documents they want directly from the experience.

The Corin sales team can take the experience out to customer meetings running it on a standard laptop without the need for Wi-Fi.