Corin. Exploring medtech through captivating experiences

The WOW to make Corin stand out

Corin is a world leader in orthopaedic innovation.

When they wanted to showcase their advanced medical technology in the most visually captivating and informative way they came to POP.

We worked with Corin exploring ideas to create an innovative experience for their customers that would really bring their innovative technologies to life.

The innovative touchscreen interactives we developed helped their customers explore Corin’s medical technologies in a completely new way through an immersive experience.

This provided the WOW their innovative technologies and customers deserved.

65″ 4k touchscreens were the perfect displays to give the Corin experience real impact, several customers can use the screens simultaneously

Let customers immerse themselves in your brand

The experience we created was completely bespoke to Corin and designed to work on large touchscreen tables so multiple customers can explore the experience at the same time and share content with each other.

We incorporated interactive 3D models, videos, images and technical PDFs which can all be opened across the table.

Customers can email themselves any documents they want directly from the experience. The Corin sales team can also take the experience out to customer meetings running it on a standard laptop.
When your business is focused on cutting edge innovation and technology it’s important this comes across when you meet with customers and the experience we created does just that for Corin.