Immerse customers in your products and solutions

Canpack is the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of beverage cans, glass bottles and food & industrial cans.

With customer experience centers throughout the world, we have created immersive touchscreen experiences for customers to be able to explore the range and breadth of packaging products across the Canpack portfolio.

Customers can virtually explore Canpack production facilities through a virtual factory tour.

They can compare different products side by side and use lift and learn technology to explore physical cans and their specialist coatings.

Customer Experience Center

Video showing examples of the different interactive features such as Lift & Learn, multiple product comparisons, virtual factiry tours and 360 video

large 90-inch screen on the wall and another tablet being held by a person, the tablet has an interactive presentation which is mirrored on the large screen
Project from any device onto a 90inch screen in a customer center