The Royal Mint. Bringing heritage and craftsmanship to life

Bringing a national treasure to life

The Royal Mint is a 1,100-year-old British national treasure and the world’s leading export mint. When they ask us to help them showcase their flawless work, we feel both honoured and a little bit proud.

We create immersive touchscreen experiences and film personal interviews with some of the designers behind their iconic coins. The people, stories and exquisite craftsmanship are what define The Royal Mint and it’s these characteristics we explore in all our work for them.

Below are a few of our projects.

You have created a beautiful touchscreen experience that truly represents The Royal Mint, our people and heritage and gives our audience a real insight into the exceptional quality and finish of our coins.
Paul Binning, Head of Marketing, Circulating Coin, The Royal Mint

Using touchscreens to connect visitors to a thousand years of craftsmanship

When The Royal Mint wanted to connect visitors with the heritage and craftsmanship behind their coins we created an immersive touchscreen experience to WOW their visitors.

We often take the coins in our pockets for granted and never really look at or consider the story behind the designs and hidden detail on them.

This is what we wanted to explore and give visitors the ability to zoom into the detail of the coins that would normally be impossible. This opened a whole new world of exploration for visitors.

The Royal Mint. Visitor centre

Here are a selection of videos we’ve created for The Royal Mint exploring the designs, inspiration and craftsmanship of the designers behind some iconic Royal Mint coins.

Year of the Sheep interview with the designer, Wuon-Gean Ho.