Arm. Touchscreen experiences & gamification

Making the complex simple

In the world of hi-tech mobile processors Cambridge-based Arm is a true heavyweight.

The firm’s complex tech is at the heart of more than 180 billion devices – including Apple iPhones. It is also one of the main drivers behind the ever-increasing world of internet connected devices (IoT).

But helping customers to understand the full extent of the possibilities and application of cutting-edge technologies can be difficult.

So, Arm turned to us because at POP we specialise in simplifying the complex.

And one of the ways we do this is through gamification and interactive learning experiences.

person interacting with Carm interactive touchscreen software displayed on large black monitor

Tell a compelling story with gamification

To help educate and introduce people into Arm’s world, we built a range of interactive and immersive experiences to be used at exhibitions and trade shows.

In one of the experiences, we challenged users to build one of five internet-connected devices.

The aim was to enable teams to understand the complexities of the development process by asking questions and giving configuration options – the needs of a chip tracking the transportation of a heart to hospital are very different to that of a camera, for example.

Gamification turned a complex process into a compelling and memorable experience with a scoreboard giving it a competitive edge.

It wasn’t a one-way street though; we built into the experience data analytics, allowing Arm to learn more about the users. They could see where people struggled, providing technical support and marketing with valuable information into which areas they should focus their activities.

close up image of digital interactive presentation

People love gadgets, so let them play

Another Arm interactive simulated the tracking of assets across a country’s rail network.

Using simulated and live data, from a model train track, the dashboard showed where the train was located at any given time.

With information pumping out from the carriage’s Arm chips, detailed environmental data was displayed live on an interactive screen.

Users could change that environment and watch the effect; using gamification to help tell a more realistic story about the possibilities of IoT tracking devices.

interactive presentation displayed at arm event
Arm. Interactive asset tracking experience, live data capture and display