IHG. Exploring Business Opportunities through Touch

Exploring hotel business opportunities

UK-based hotel group IHG has a portfolio of just under 6,000 hotels globally.

A core part of the business are its franchisees who are kept informed on new opportunities by regular roadshows.

IHG worked with POP, and their branding agency Mr B & Friends, to develop touchscreens for its European investor roadshows.

Franchisees can now intuitively access information and explore opportunities almost instantly via wall-mounted screens across the venues, or directly through their phone or tablet.

Drilling down via either an interactive map or by hotel brands, users can browse high-resolution image galleries, watch videos and find out more about the business opportunity.

IHG can now be confident a core part of its business has access to all the information it needs about both existing and future investments.

IHG digital interactive presentation displayed on large monitor in wooden panelled office
IHG. Interactive screens are positioned throughout the venue
two large monitors displaying digital presentations outside office building IHG Regent
IHG. Attendees can access detailed hotel information through interactive displays
six black iPhones displaying digital interactive touchscreen presentations from IHG Kimpton Regent
The experience can also work across mobile devices