Introducing the POP team – Javier Serrano, Creative Director

Javier joined POPcomms in March 2020 as Creative Director – he was in the studio for five days before lockdown! He has over 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, design and digital for agencies and client side from luxury goods to sports, manufacturing, entertainment and fashion.

Originally from Spain, he’s lived and worked in Hong Kong, China, Paris and now Bristol, a natural next step of course.

Why Bristol? – for those that are unfamiliar with Bristol, it has the highest concentration of creative and advanced technology businesses outside of London and the competition for experienced creatives is fierce. Not to mention the countryside on your doorstep, great schools and it’s a beautiful city, not too far from the sea.

His role as Creative Director at POP is ….

We brought Javier in to take complete control of all our creative output both for clients and for POP.

The minute he walked in the room for the interview we could tell there was something special and it wasn’t just the loafers without socks mid-winter. Creative experience and skill of course are important but for us worldly experience, empathy, charisma and an entrepreneurial spirit is equally important, and Javier exudes these qualities by the bucket load.

It’s these qualities that bring something special to every project he works on and this is important from a business perspective for our clients as this creativity directly translates into positive business outcomes for them.

So, firstly Javier was tasked with improving POP’s creative output – it was already great but we didn’t want to just plateau, we really wanted to push the boundaries for our clients and to do this we needed fresh ideas and a new mindset.

Secondly, the POP brand which had always come last needed a complete refresh, so in the next couple of weeks we’ll be launching a new website, overseen by Javier. The new website explores interactive ideas available to our clients as inspiration for future functionality within their interactive experiences.

He’ll also be keeping an eye on new technologies such as AR and Mixed Reality which again, we’ll be rolling out to clients.

Ours is a tough business for a creative. Working with advanced engineering, healthcare and technology businesses we are dealing with complex information that salespeople need to quickly and easily demonstrate to customers. In order to do this effectively we need to create simple visual stories that clearly demonstrate these processes and the value they deliver, as well as displaying immense quantities of valuable content in an easily digestible format.

Before joining POP….

Javier started his design career studying sculpture in Madrid and working at the prestigious Royal Tapestry Factory. In his later career he was the leading creative launching Maiori, the sustainable designer outdoor furniture brand in Paris – developing their brand, positioning, and establishing their digital sales platform. He worked with some serious talent and inspirational designers, including Normal Studio and Karim Rashid, as well as selecting notable product designers to draw attention at furniture expos in Milan and Paris, such as Maison & Objet.

He was lead designer of technical apparel for premium sailing and water sports developer NeilPryde, which was an intense experience – working globally and across the business from brand management to production, distribution and B2B partnerships with consumer brands.  Using cutting edge technologies and design, they had a multitude of new collections to launch each year in collaboration with top athletes.

Outside of work….

Javier moved to Bristol four years ago from Hong Kong, with his wife Tessa, their two sons, and two dogs. Tessa is a multimedia journalist and is currently filming a natural history series out in South America. Bristol was a huge pull for them with the countryside and coastline so close to its doorstep, as well as the city itself with it’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative vibe.

Climbing and CrossFit, screen-printing and street art are his passion. He’s currently developing location based visual art installations and exploring how motion graphics and music react to each other. His artworks are for sale in numerous galleries although we wouldn’t recommend letting your granny see some of them!

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