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6 Sales Benefits of Interactive Sales Presentation Software

97% of senior decision makers said the professionalism of a potential supplier’s sales presentation was very important or important in awarding a contract.  

RSW new business survey

If the above statement doesn’t make you think you should look at your sales presentations as a whole, then we have outlined some other reasons you should look at improving your presentation materials, below.

We understand that developing an interactive presentation is a big investment. You may be wondering if it’s really necessary, and what you’re going to get out of it in the long-term. Is it just going to look ‘pretty’ – or will it provide some more meaningful benefits?

Perhaps you’re not convinced that you need to change what already seems to be working.

However, if you want to make more of an impact, or even just discover what’s possible for your next presentation, we’ve put together some of the main sales benefits you can expect when making your presentation interactive.

1. A professional digital sales tool

An interactive presentation isn’t just something pretty to look at. It becomes an indispensable sales enablement tool that can be used by your entire sales team – whilst also fitting in with their different presenting styles. The result? An extra boost of confidence for your team that comes from having reliable, consistent presentations that are engaging and hit the mark every time.

No more linear presentations, or having to go through every slide to get to the bit particular customers want to hear. If your slides are content-heavy, an interactive presentation is a good way to reduce them.

Navigation in our presentation for Bacardi allows the presenter to easily move between different topics. 

2. A bank of information

With the use of navigation and good structure, interactive sales presentation software can provide a wealth of information. So, if your team currently has several different presentations on the go – which may be leading to inconsistent results and conversations – this greatly simplifies things.

It should include everything your entire team needs; including all the questions your customers may ask.

3. Customer-focused conversations

With good messaging and narrative, presentations no longer have to be bulky, or heavily product-focused. Instead, you’re able to concentrate on what your customers actually care about; their challenges, problems and concerns – and how you can help.

Interaction lets you jump straight to the content that resonates most with the audience.

4. Communicate complex ideas, simply

If you have a complex product or service that needs a good deal of explaining, interactive presentations are a great way to make it much simpler for customers to understand, by making it visual. Combine this with interactivity to drill down into further information, and very technical or intangible concepts or solutions can be explained easily.

Essentially, this is visual storytelling at its best, and helps customers develop a better understanding – rather than simply being dictated to.

GCP are able to easily talk their customers through complex waterproofing systems

5. Visual brand consistency

Having one interactive presentation (rather than a dozen) helps provide a consistent image and brand for your business. The investment and creative edge that goes into the end result provides a differentiator that will help to make you stand out from your competitors.

If done right, your presentation should not only be impressive, but also memorable – hitting all the right notes with your customers, so they can easily recall and retell your key messages and value proposition.

6. A long-term investment

The initial work carried out when putting together messaging, structure and narrative – combined with the visual output – often translates and spins off into other marketing / sales communications.

Sometimes, you can be a bit too close to things to see the impact an effective sales tool can have – a bit of outside perspective helps.

Advice when creating an interactive sales presentation

Don’t just start playing around in PowerPoint. Instead of jumping straight in, follow a logical objective path.

Also, be aware that a truly effective presentation takes time to develop, and can also result in a significant cultural shift. This isn’t always easy for a sales team who are used to working in a specific way, which is why it needs to be worked through with the whole team – with plenty of time to test and try it out before the next big meeting.

We’d also recommend getting your sales and marketing teams involved early on in the process. They should get a chance to look at the storyboard before you go any further, so that they can pinpoint if anything’s missing – or if there are ways to make your presentation even better.

So, when it really counts, you’ll have a core sales tool you and your team can depend on. This is one of the main reason our client, Syntegon, came to us for a way to unify many different presentations.  The result was one consistent, customer-centric message that could be used by their whole team, and helps to start conversations with all the right people.

Improve your sales with interactive sales presentation software 

If applied correctly, an interactive presentation becomes a professional sales tool and can make all the difference with customers, branding, and giving your sales team an extra confidence boost – along with providing all the other benefits mentioned above.

Take a look at what you can achieve with POP’s interactive sales presentation software

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