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Case Study: How POP Creates Customer-Centric Interactive Presentations

Clients often come to us because their presentations are product heavy and haven’t enough focus on the customer, which can be a challenge when the information they need to get across is complex and technical, meaning it’s often crammed onto slides and lacks any interest.

They know that more consideration needs to be given towards building their messages and story around their customers but struggle to know how to effectively do this with their presentations especially if they have a large sales team using them.

Below, we’ve highlighted an example of how we worked with Fujitsu to create a customer-centric interactive presentation that was designed with the customer at the very heart of the story.

The challenge

As a newcomer to the cyber security market, Fujitsu needed a presentation that would help to establish their credentials within the sector and act as a starting point for Fujitsu to have conversations with customers around cyber security.

The challenge here was that cyber security as a concept is mostly intangible; the solutions very technical. Most of the existing messaging focused on the products themselves, rather than the end-user.

Because of the diverse range of customers they were talking to from different sectors it was clear to us that we needed to create a central vision that tied all their customers and Fujitsu’s thought leadership together.. This included encompassing all of their customers, their concerns, their worries, and the world they operate in. The presentation would need to be built around this vision, with clear benefits for the customers.

Their existing presentations and materials didn’t cover this and as a result weren’t generating the kinds of conversation Fujitsu needed to have with customers.

The solution

Andrew Davidson, Marketing Director of Networks and Security at Fujitsu, was at a conference where another of our clients was using a customer-centric interactive presentation we had developed, and asked for an introduction knowing he had seen a presentation that did exactly what he needed.

We started by working with Fujitsu on mapping out their key messages, understanding their customers and challenges, what the main issues were in the market at large and within their specific customer sectors. We also needed to understand and help articulate the unique value that Fujitsu brings to the sector and their customers.

With the messaging mapped out, we worked through a number of ideas and created the Secure Thinking City. The city represented the Fujitsu ecosystem and the world their customers operated in so could act as a visual metaphor on a number of levels.

We were able to use the city as a visual anchor to build their customer story around throughout the presentation. Building navigation into it enabled Fujitsu’s sales team to drill into more in-depth and relevant information as required.

This approach proved to be a powerful tool for Fujitsu, as it was not only built the story around their customer, but also let the sales team have meaningful conversations with clients about cyber security.

The results

We created a comprehensive and persuasive sales tool with a clear and compelling story that meant Fujitsu’s sales team could have sector relevant conversations with customers backed by clear visuals that succinctly illustrated their story.

Because cyber security essentially equates to selling trust, this tailored approach and confident messaging has helped to establish Fujitsu’s credibility within the cyber security market.

Here’s what Fujitsu had to say:

“We came to POPcomms because we wanted to tell a story. When presenting to customers, you have to find the heart of the message and deliver it in a visually impressive and memorable way – and POPcomms do just that every time.”

Andrew Davidson, Head of Marketing, Hosting, Network & Security at Fujitsu

Looking for an interactive presentation that delivers a truly customer-centric message?

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