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How Can You Make Your First Impression Count in B2B?

Do you worry that you’re not giving the best first impression with your B2B sales presentations or sales pitches? First impressions aren’t always the be-all and end-all when it comes to winning business – but what if it’s the only chance you get, and you really need to make it count?

In the increasingly fast paced world of B2B sales, decision makers have less and less time to spend in meetings with potential suppliers, and you often won’t get the chance for a second, third or fourth impression.

So if you’re serious about winning business, you need to make that first impression the right one.

Our expertise is in helping businesses make great first impressions – with the help of interactive sales tools such as sales enablement tools and touchscreen experiences. We’re going to talk about how they can help make your first impression count in B2B presentations.

Make the right first impression, every time

If, like more businesses, you’ve put a lot of work into getting those rare face-to-face meetings with prospects, then you need to make them count – after all, a recent survey by B2B marketing cited that the most influential factor in a B2B buyer’s decision making was ‘meeting with suppliers’.

But when the behaviour of B2B buyers and decision makers has changed so dramatically, and expectations are already high before you even enter the boardroom, the pressure is on. Especially since the chances are, you’ve already put in a good amount of work to get this far.

Your buyers have probably already done their research, and most likely (according to the above survey) even already have a preference before they even meet you. They’re also expecting a consistent level of communication and professionalism.

This is where an interactive sales tool – like a touchscreen experience – can really deliver when it’s time to deliver your presentation.

white iPad showing the product carousel that is available to support Wienerberger narrative selling
Wienerberger’s customer sales experience is easy and intuitive to navigate with consistent messaging and sales materials to meet the ever-growing needs of their broad customer base, ranging from large multi-national merchants, architects and developers to smaller local builders.

What is an interactive sales tool and how can it help?

An interactive sales tool is essentially a visual, engaging and immersive experience that can be delivered on a variety of devices, smartphone, tablet, laptop or touchscreen. It can be used in all sorts of scenarios, including events and exhibitions and meetings and sales pitches.

It can really help deliver a professional, conversational presentation that grabs buyers’ attention and keeps it.

It can help in the following ways:

  • Demonstrate the value of your product/solution in a visual way – This is especially important if you have complex ideas or solutions you need to demonstrate clearly. Interactive diagrams or blueprints where you can home in on information can make it super easy to buyers to grasp
  • Enable  a two-way meaningful dialogue with buyers – The interactive element of a touchscreen allows the buyer to lead the conversation, so you can have a consultative conversation and quickly jump to the information they want to talk about next (no more scrolling through lots of irrelevant slides!) and tailor your content accordingly
  • Take your buyers on a journey – Whether you’re tapping into your buyers’ emotions with a captivating visual story, or you’re using a number of other fun methods of interactivity, like object or demographic recognition, you’re giving them an experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons
  • Provide your entire sales team with an indispensable sales tool – This means that your presentations contain consistent messaging and look professional, without impacting too much on an individual’s own presenting style
  • Host a bank of valuable content and information at your fingertips – An interactive sales tool can store a LOT of information – including content geared towards different audiences – so your team will have everything they need to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right person
  • An investment that often pays off in other, surprising ways – The initial work carried out when putting together messaging, structure and narrative – combined with the visual output – often translates and spins off into other marketing/sales communications

These are just some of the reasons why an interactive sales tool like a touchscreen can really deliver when you’re trying to make the best first impression in the boardroom. Plus, the content within your interactive sales tool can even be updated to evolve along with your brand!

interactive presentation displayed at arm event
To help educate and introduce people to Arm‘s capabilities, we built a range of interactive and immersive experiences to be used at exhibitions and trade shows.

Advice from an interactive design agency

If you’re new to the concept of interactive sales tools or touchscreen experiences, our advice is to take a look at some of the options and the main considerations you should be thinking about.

Consider why you might need an interactive sales tool and whether it’s the right solution for you. Once you’ve established that much, it’s time to think about your customers and the type of interactions / content they’ll want – after all, they’re the ones who’ll be engaging with it.

Once you’ve given some thought to it and want to get a better idea of your options, seek out an interactive design agency – or even two or three – who will be happy to provide some free advice and listen to what you’re trying to achieve.

They should also be happy to show you come case studies and previous examples of their work, so you can get a feel for the types of interactive sales tools they produce.

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Make a good first impression

When you don’t get the chance for a second, third or fourth impression, it’s important to make your first impression count in B2B. That’s why interactive sales tools such as touchscreen experiences can really help you get off on the right foot – and deliver consistency across the board.

For the best presentations that your entire team are able to utilise, a digital sales tool is a great option that can give you a significant return on investment – as long as it’s done right, that is. Take a look and see what’s possible with POP…

If you have any questions about how to develop a visually compelling presentation that engages customers and ultimately wins business then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We’d love to hear from you.

Holly Worthington
Co-Founder and Customer Success Lead
If you’ve got an idea and want to chat it through then just get in touch. Or give us a call 🤙 on 0117 329 1712.
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