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How to Measure Digital Marketing ROI of an Interactive Presentation or Digital Sales Tool

Having an interactive presentation or digital sales tool developed for B2B sales pitches and presentations is an investment for any business – but what if you need to demonstrate the digital marketing ROI to get others on-board first?

If you’re going to get the go-ahead for investing anything from £15-40k and upwards on a new digital sales tool or interactive presentation, chances are you might have some convincing to do.

Perhaps you’re not even entirely convinced yourself yet and are thinking your old, linear, product-focused presentation will probably still work just fine – so why splash out on something new?

Well, this blog’s for you.

As an interactive sales tool developer who specialise in creating persuasive and visually engaging interactive presentations, we’re going to tell you more about the potential return on investment (when it’s done right, that is), and why it’s needed.

But first…

The change in buyer behaviour

Let’s jump right in by addressing the fundamental shift in how customers today want to do business. You’ve probably noticed that they’re now more informed about your products and solutions, they’ve done their research and probably have a very clear idea about who they want to work with. The new buyer is far less focused on the tech specs and amazing technology you’ve developed – that’s no longer the ‘wow’ factor – what they actually care more about is the experience they’re going to get when working with you and the value and opportunities you’ll deliver through your product or solution.

Don’t get me wrong the technology or mechanics of your solution are just as important, but customers expect that as standard now. When you buy a new smartphone you just expect the technology to work, what you’re really interested in is what it can do for you – entertain you, keep you connected with friends, organize your day, help with business etc.

So consumers want powerful, meaningful experiences that resonate but businesses are made up of consumers and the same principles apply – and one significant area where this experience begins? That’s right; your presentation.

This is where you want to give them a glimpse into the experience they’ll get when working with you. Make the presentation an experience, through visual storytelling, and you can bring that experience alive for them, take them on a journey and stimulate a genuine conversation that revolves around the customer.

This is where interactive presentations come into their own, it’s easily overlooked, which is one of many presentation errors. But it’s actually a very powerful way of gaining people’s confidence and trust early on and where the real digital marketing ROI lies.

Why do you need an interactive presentation?

Think of an interactive presentation like an offline website, it has navigation so you can move around the presentation using navigation points so you don’t need to click through from slide to slide in a linear fashion. It sounds simple enough but this slight change will make a huge difference to how you present and the experience for the audience. It means that you can move to areas of the presentation that are of most relevance to the customer sitting in front of you – creating a more conversational presentation.

For instance, if you have a meeting with the MD of a business and the Operations Director they will probably have slightly different concerns and challenges for their part of the business – using interaction you can have one slide that addresses the MD’s concerns and a separate one for the FD and using the navigation you can quickly jump between them specifically addressing the individual needs of each.

This is a simple example, but consider if you’re meeting with several different departments or your not entirely sure of the challenges facing the business so you want a way to present a range of challenges and then click into the one that is most relevant to the customer? Interactivity lets you do just that.

In the below video we talk through an example of an interactive presentation for a cutsomer.

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How to demonstrate the ROI of an interactive presentation

All of the above will help to build brand awareness and credibility in the here and now (ultimately making good business sense), but an interactive presentation should also be seen as a long-term investment that can be used time and time again. You can even refine it to better suit your customers’ needs as time goes on.

Not to mention, the initial work carried out when putting together the content, messaging, structure and narrative – combined with the visual output often translates and spins off into many other marketing and sales communications – which can pay dividends when you get it right.

Here are some other ways to demonstrate the digital marketing ROI of an interactive presentation:

1. Purchase influence

A well-thought-out and designed presentation that makes an emotional, meaningful connection can really influence the buying decision. Emotions are what sells, so getting the presentation right and creating that emotional impact can significantly raise the value of your products or solutions in the eyes of your customers. Even in business sectors where people would frown at the idea of emotion – finance or advanced engineering for example – emotion still plays an important part, it’s all about touching on those ideas that resonate with your customer and complement your messaging.

Tip: We’ve put together a blog about the main sales benefits of an interactive presentation if you’re interested!

2. Market differentiation

With tough competition and only a short amount of time to make that all-important first impression with customers, an interactive presentation can be a great tool that really helps to differentiate your business from others. Not only in terms of design but having a clear narrative will help to cement your ideas in the customer’s mind and help them to remember you above competitors.

3. Improve strategy

This isn’t something many people necessarily think of, but pulling together a strong interactive presentation that best represents your brand and addresses all of your customers’ key challenges, questions and concerns makes you look at your business and messaging as a whole.

In many cases, it can force you to re-evaluate your value proposition and strategy that’s required to meet your business’s needs.

4. Build brand image and credibility

Another great (but perhaps less measurable) bonus of an interactive presentation is that it can help you build upon brand awareness by providing a consistent brand experience – helping to increase brand loyalty and credibility.

5. Enhance the overall customer experience

By building a presentation that is uniquely centred around your customer, and meeting their needs, you’re also increasing customer satisfaction whilst providing a much better customer experience with your brand.

And having happy customers is what it’s all about – isn’t it?

Advice from the presentation pros

If engaging with customer and winning business is a priority, but you’re still clinging to an old, content-heavy, linear and product-based presentation, it’s important to acknowledge that modern buyers want a better buying experience.

They also have much higher expectations of the sales process, and the last thing they want is to be told what they already know. Instead, they want to be shown personalised, value-driven interactions supported by relevant content tailored to them and their business.

An interactive presentation that’s customer-centric and tailored around the customers’ challenges, questions and concerns does just that. Remember, people are visual, so tell a visual story that’s engaging – and allow for conversations to be flexible and move in different directions (this is what interactive presentations are all about).

Give them an insight into what the experience will be like with your business and for their customers, and it’ll soon help to carve you out from the competition as a business with a story to tell.

Key takeaways

By now you should hopefully have a better idea of just some of the ways you can demonstrate the potential digital marketing ROI for an interactive presentation that’s tailored to your customers’ needs.

Like the idea of an interactive presentation or digital sales tool for your business, but aren’t sure where to start? To get a better idea of the process involved when embarking on a project, we’ve outlined 10 vital factors to consider. For more, email or check out this short intro to what we do:

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