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How Do You Use Martech to Build Buyer Confidence?

As B2B buyer options and seller solutions become ever more complex, it’s not other businesses, products or solutions in the marketplace that are a seller’s biggest competitor, it’s their buyer’s lack of confidence in their decision-making. This is according to Gartner’s former sales and marketing guru Brent Adamson, and it’s only getting worse.

In this blog we are going to show you how integrating Martech, or digital sales enablement technology, into your sales strategy and processes can help your sales teams to reassure their customers. By easily identifying your customer’s needs, having more collaborative sales conversations and demonstrating the value of your solution, product or service your sales team can become sensemaking sellers and build buyer confidence.

white iPad showing the product carousel that is available to support Wienerberger narrative selling
Wienerberger’s award winning customer experience is easy and intuitive for sales reps to navigate and refer to during consultative sales conversations. It has consistent messaging and sales materials and supports their digital transformation strategy.

The state of sales – confused buyers don’t buy 

We know that the number of people in a buying group is growing, according to Gartner (again), it can involve 6 to 10 decision makers, all with competing needs and perspectives. This puts more pressure on each of them to make the right decision or risk being culpable for an expensive mistake.

In addition, many buyers would have done their own extensive research before they even meet a sales rep. Research by B2B Marketing, shows that before making a detailed supplier evaluation 79% of buyers are already aware of at least three potential suppliers, and 86% already have a preference.

But, far from making them more confident about their decisions, the myriad of information available may still be incomplete, or create more questions and thereby serves to create more confusion and inertia. 

So, how do you empower buyers in their decision-making?

In those initial meetings, between the sales rep and the buyer, it’s crucial to create a consultative sales environment that supports the buyer, helps them to question and analyse their needs and focuses their thinking.

Digital sales tools make it easier for customers throughout their decision-making process. The buyer and seller have a single digital sales hub that connects them to all their valuable information across all customer touchpoints – on a laptop at face-to-face or remote meetings, on a tablet off-site (and off-line) or a touchscreen at an event.

A data driven sales experience that tracks and analyses every interaction, automatically updating Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) to provide up to the minute actionable insights. Creating an integrated, omnichannel sales experience for the buyer.

Read on to discover the five main benefits of integrating a digital sales enablement tool into your sales strategy to boost your buyer’s confidence:

  1. Demonstrating the value that you offer 
  2. Clarity and speed of information – a single source of truth
  3. Simplifying the complex
  4. Personalisation for consultative selling
  5. Keeping your buyers close
Black laptop displaying an interactive map example of JSP DigiHUB sales enablement tool
JSP’s digital sales hub is used on laptops and tablets in meetings and on large touchscreens in their customer sales centre.

1. Demonstrating the value that you offer

This is the first step, ensuring the buyer understands the value they will get from you. But this isn’t always that easy, as many buyers aren’t aware of, or can’t articulate exactly what they need.

This is easier to uncover through consultative selling. A naturally evolving conversation led by your sales rep to discover your customer’s pain points, supported by easily accessible tailored information and examples to demonstrate the value your product or solution can provide.  When you are able to demonstrate, clearly articulate and tailor your sales conversation the buyer is much more confident that you understand their business and their needs. 

2. Clarity and speed of information – a single source of truth

A robust content management system allows reps to instantly access any information they and the buyer needs in the moment. They can be confident that all content is current and relevant with consistent messaging whether it be live data, video, interactive content, insights, or compliance information – there’s no excuse if the buyer needs to see something to reassure themselves then it must be available when they want it.

Black tablet displaying Coloplast interactive touchscreen digital presentation showing SpeediCath range on blue background
Our digital sales tool for Coloplast differentiates them from their competitors and frees sales from traditional paper-based sales tools. Shortlisted for the B2B Marketing Martech Awards.

3. Simplifying the complex

This is no time for ambiguity or information overload, this will only add to the buyers uncertainty. The rep must cut through noise and create an environment of simple, clear and concise conversations. Similarly, the content shared should be relevant and succinct, visually articulating where value lies to create an inspiring, memorable and convincing experience.  

4. Personalisation for consultative selling

Everything must be directly relevant to the buyer. If the rep’s dealing with ten different people from different departments, they must be able to address each person’s needs and concerns directly, as well as those of the wider business and its operational sectors. This level of personalisation is crucial in order to establish and maintain the buyer’s confidence that the solution that you are offering is the right one for them!   

5. Keep your buyers close

We worked with GCP Applied Technologies to make their sales presentations more engaging, immersive and memorable to their diverse range of customers. 

Once a rep has helped the buyer to get clarity and confidence over their decisions, they don’t want to lose them in the time it takes to conclude a deal. This is where the sales experience could feature a virtual digital sales room to give buyers anytime access to all the valuable, personalised content they’ve been discussing. A place they can share content amongst the wider team, have conversations and ask questions about the solution and ultimately help build consensus.

Instilling confidence in buyers is no small feat

It requires a sales rep to not only be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of their own business and solutions, but also have enough information to hand to probe and analyse their prospect’s business challenges and offer a tailored and considered solution in the moment. Digital sales tools allow sales reps to generate trust with stunning visual storytelling and immediate access to relevant information for effective consultative selling.

black iPad displaying Bombay Sapphire on Bacardi Limited touchscreen interactive sales enablement tool
Our digital sales tools allow Bacardi’s sales reps to tailor their conversations to the exact needs of their diverse customer base.

Build buyer confidence with POP

POP’s platform and team will help you to develop interactive sales experiences that WOW! and win customers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about interactive sales tools, take a look at how we’ve helped our clients – including Syntegon, Wienerberger, Bacardi and Coloplast.

We’d love to talk you through our approach, chat through any sales challenges you are facing or perhaps you have a project in mind or just want to find out more. Get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We’d love to hear from you.

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