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5 Top Sales Benefits of Interactive Touchscreen Displays

Wondering how an interactive touchscreen display could help boost sales?

Sales is the most significant driver for success, which is why today we’re going to take a closer look at five benefits for sales of an interactive touchscreen display to help improve sales.

If you’re anything like many of our clients, you may be looking at a new way to make your proposition more engaging, meaningful and relevant – especially if you have a complex product or solution that you want to show to customers in an easy-to-understand way.

Or perhaps you’re looking to avoid being doomed to repeat the same sales narrative again and again by breaking the cycle and delivering a tailored experience that’s relevant to your customers and focuses on their specific needs and requirements.

Even if you’re not looking to specifically sell something, you’ll still be trying to get a message across to people whether it’s just to inform or to make people aware of you. An interactive touchscreen experience can help to create a deeper connection with customers, build trust, make it easy for them to really understand the value you bring to the relationship and ultimately increase sales.

Whether it be at a tradeshow, reception area, retail or marketing suite we’ll outline five benefits of interactive touchscreens.

1. Make it easy for your customers to understand what you do and the value you create

Depending on the business you’re in it can be quite hard to explain to customers exactly what it is your company does, the value you deliver and how you fit into your customer’s world.

This can be difficult even for the simplest of products or solutions and for others, particularly in advanced technology, it can be a real challenge.

Companies use a mix of marketing materials such as brochures, whitepapers and videos to try and tell this story but they tend to be one size fits all communications and tell a linear story. There is very little room for personalisation or being able to tell your story from different angles depending on your customer’s needs.

A touchscreen is a great way to tell a more visual, interactive story. By visually illustrating how your solution fits into your customer’s world it makes it much easier for them to understand your proposition. Interactivity also allows you to change the focus of your story depending on the audience and their perspective. For instance, a Managing Director will have different concerns and challenges from a Marketing Director so a touchscreen would allow you to have different versions of the model they can access depending on their role.

In terms of sales this makes it easy for your customers to understand the value you bring to the relationship and makes it more memorable and easier for them to retell your story to other stakeholders.

2. People like it when you talk to them personally

Instead of making assumptions on what your audience wants to hear, or creating one generic message or value proposition a touchscreen – being interactive – can provide you with a way to tailor the information it presents to different audiences.

image to promote a download of our touchscreen guide

Touchscreens allow you to personalise the story you walk people through. You can use leading questions to steer your audience in a particular direction that is most relevant to them. For instance by asking the question “What’s your biggest challenge?” you can present the audience with a number of options each of which might resonate with a certain type of customer. When they tap the most relevant option they can be presented with tailored content specifically for that challenge. There is no limit on how deeply you can drill down into areas of interest for them.

Here is an example of how we presented our client Fujitsu’s, business challenges to their customer 

You can also let customers personalise the experience for themselves. For a car showroom you can give people the ability to change the colour of cars in the interactive or the interior trim, wheels etc. All adding to a personal experience.

The benefit here is that you’re able to really give people the information they need giving them complete control to personalise the information they want to see. They’ll no longer feel bored or confused whilst sitting through information that’s simply irrelevant to their needs.

By personalising the content you’re building a level of understanding and trust, telling them that you understand their needs and making them more willing to engage in a conversation with you.

3. Give the customer everything they could want, and more

The good thing about interactive touchscreens is that content no longer has to be constrained to a brochure or data sheets, where people have to flick through pages to find the content or information they’re looking for and quickly becoming outdated.

Instead, you can include all of the information your customers need, organised and available in a logical and easily accessible way through an interactive. Content can be instantly updated so no need to worry that it might be outdated.

The benefit here is that customers can have access to a huge depth and breadth of information without being overwhelmed or frustrated at not being able to find the information they want.

This also allows you to provide information depending on the level of engagement. Some people like to skim read and access top-level information whilst others like to dig deeper. An interactive allows you to seamlessly appeal to differing levels of interest.

Interactive hotspots let users access more information for Syntegon

4. Brand and reputation is everything, so stand out

For many companies, it’s important that they come across as forward-thinking and innovative to customers, which is why displaying interactive content and immersive touchscreen experiences can help create a great first impression. Interactives shouldn’t be used for the sake of it but if there is a business case for using them and it will positively influence customers then they can make a great impression.

A positive experience can go a long way towards building brand loyalty and leaving customers with the right impression of your brand.

Interactives make a great central focus for a conversation particularly at a tradeshow, in-store or demo suite where the interactive acts as a sales tool to guide the conversation with a customer.  

Our Interactive Experience for BMW

5. Track, analyse, improve – study what your customers like and give them more of it

Capturing potential customer details can be vital and a large interactive touchscreen can let people access or download content that they’ll be able to send straight to their inbox – as long as they fill out their contact details. Offer them some valuable content and they will be happy to provide their details.

This is great for capturing leads – but you can also track how people are interacting with your content and see what they’re viewing most using analytics. This means you’ll get a better understanding of your audience, and be able to use that information to tailor your messages and content in the future.

Interactive experience for the GSMA

One example of this in action was with one of our clients, the GSM Association; a trade body representing the interests of 1,100 mobile operators worldwide. We created an interactive hub allowing attendees at their global conferences to access over 200 PDFs and videos.

Attendees could select documents and videos by dropping them into a downloads basket and by registering their details their chosen content would be automatically emailed to them – this allowed the GSMA to collect valuable data.

A similar interactive we created for Citrix had a big impact. Here’s a quote from Mike Oliver (Senior Marketing Manager of Citrix) for whom we built an interactive survey that ran on touchscreens at various tradeshows.

“You took one idea and shaped it into a multi-touch program – executable in different ways, languages and over an extended time frame. As a direct result, we doubled our lead capture at our booths, delivered stunning content to the business and in the first 7 days of the demand generation phase, this program has delivered over 1,000 leads and strong 6–digit contribution to the sales pipeline.”

Mike Oliver, Senior Marketing Manager, Citrix

Could an interactive touchscreen display increase your sales?

Not directly, no. Not unless a user can actually buy something from the screen which isn’t common. What it can do is make them more likely to buy from you because they’ve had a positive experience and you’ve given them the information they needed to carry on engaging with you and make an informed decision.

Is it the right option? Maybe ask yourself what would be the one thing to really make you stand out and be able to have a meaningful conversation with your customers? Consider how this fits in with your sales flow, and how your customers like to purchase.

Ask yourself why it’s important to give them something meaningful, and what’s the best way to achieve that? If an interactive touchscreen solution seems like it might fit the bill, your next step should be to seek out an interactive touchscreen specialist.

Tip: Want to find out more about what you can do with an interactive touchscreen display? Check out our guide: 7 Things to know before choosing an interactive touchscreen solution for your business.

Wow your customers with an interactive sales experience 

We hope we’ve managed to shed a little light on some of the sales benefits of an interactive touchscreen. If you like the idea of some of the benefits above, take a closer look at interactive touchscreen experiences to wow your customers and stand out from your competitors.

If you’d like to know more about what’s possible with interactive touchscreen display software, get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We’d love to hear from you. 

image to promote a download of our touchscreen guide
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