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Case Study: How POP Can Help You Develop an Interactive Solution That Stays within Budget Every Time

Here at POPcomms, we understand that everyone has different needs and budgets, and for some, sticking within budget has to be a top priority – especially when stakeholders and other bodies are invested in the project.

That’s why we believe a consultative approach is vital. We work closely with our clients to establish what they’re trying to achieve, and ensure we cover all possibilities and options before drawing up a detailed outline of the costs involved – so there are no nasty surprises later. We call this process our Customer-First Blueprint®.

Below, we’ve highlighted an example of how we helped one client, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, create an interactive touchscreen solution and information centre three weeks ahead of schedule, and on budget.

The challenge

Mark Templeton, from Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, initially contacted us looking for an interactive touchscreen experience for Ebbsfleet Garden City; a new multi-billion pound development, covering five square miles in north Kent.

Mark knew the information centre needed a touchscreen solution with a map of the development area, and interactive hotspots that would enable people to tap to find out what is planned for the Garden City. Apart from that, he wasn’t entirely sure of what was possible in terms of design and experience.

We had an initial chat with Mark to scope out what was required, however, once we started looking more closely at the project, it became clear they needed additional items, such as a touchscreen table, room graphics, fit-out, building works and a new glass partition.

Because the development was government-backed, there was a great deal of emphasis on budget and public spending – which had to be pre-approved. The danger was that there was no option of the budget spiralling out of control, as it meant the project simply wouldn’t be able to go ahead.

The solution

In this scenario, a clear, transparent and well thought-out budget was absolutely critical, which is why we initially began asking questions which allowed us to build the brief up with Mark step-by-step.

It didn’t take long before we were able to paint a much clearer picture of what was needed, and for us to get a better handle on every aspect of the project.

We had to look very carefully at what was required, as it was important to cover all bases, including any other factors which might have affected costs. This included the design, hardware and experience Ebbsfleet wanted to provide for visitors.

From there, we were able to produce an outline and brief, along with a sitemap for the touchscreen experience and a 3D room visual and a plan for the more practical elements of the finished marketing suite. Mark was grateful of this consultative approach, as it helped us to work out certain areas of the information centre that would be impacted. It also helped Ebbsfleet report back to the government, as well as stakeholders and private contractors, with a very thorough and detailed proposal for the project.

Once we received the go-ahead, we worked on delivering Ebbsfleet’s bespoke interactive touchscreen experience, whilst communicating with a number of contractors and model makers in order to get the information centre up and running for visitors.

The result

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation now has a fantastic space that does justice to the development and has received an incredible response from both stakeholders and the public. We delivered the project three weeks early, and on budget, which took the pressure off reporting back to stakeholders.

In this case, it was about so much more than delivering an interactive experience, with many other significant factors involved in the end result – and being able to give Ebbsfleet that confidence in the end result (without having to worry about budget) was really important to us.

In terms of experience, visitors can use the touchscreen solution to look closely at all of the development areas, along with points of interest that will happen in the region. They can interact with images and video, and get a really good feel for what’s going to happen in the area. 

The response has been so great that developers involved in the project now want to be included as a part of the interactive experience we’ve built.

“Working with POPcomms has been an absolute pleasure. You get a real one-to-service that you don’t get from other companies and nothing is too much trouble – in fact they go above and beyond.

Their real skill is listening to the idea and then delivering it absolutely perfectly. Our first communication was over the phone but they absolutely nailed the brief, producing ideas and visuals that when I first saw them confirmed to me that this was the right company to work with.

This was a complex project and they were able to cut through a mountain of red tape with external companies to deliver. And they delivered on time and in budget.

Quite simply, they deliver and they deliver better than anyone else in their field.”

Mark Templeton, Head of Communications and Engagement,
Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

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