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Why Immersive Interactive Customer Experiences are the Future of Sales Enablement

Immersive, interactive customer experiences are becoming one of the best ways to wow your customers and get them engaged with your brand.

Yet, we’ve only just began to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

So, why are immersive interactive experiences the future of sales enablement – and should you consider including one in your sales enablement strategy?

As an interactive design agency, we focus on helping businesses connect with their customers and make a big impressive in the boardroom. And in this blog, we’re going to tell you why immersive, interactive experiences are the future of sales enablement.

Buyer behaviour is continuing to evolve

The way brands market to customers has changed over the decades, from the delightfully twee ads of the ’50s and ’60s spurred on by the ‘Mad Men’ of Madison Avenue, all the way to content/inbound marketing and visual storytelling we’re seeing today.

In other words, we’ve had to adapt to the way people respond to marketing. Nowadays, you’ve probably noticed your customers are more informed and like to do their own research before even getting in touch (hence where content marketing comes in).

But they also have higher expectations than ever before, and like to carefully select what they pay attention to. It’s not that people in general have shorter attention spans these days – oh no. We can still binge-watch our favourite shows on Netflix when we choose to – ‘choose’ being the operative word here.

Of course, it goes without saying that technology is the main culprit here, and has given consumers pretty much complete control over how and when they choose to digest marketing materials. But they also care more about a brand’s values and want their story to stand for something. It’s all rather complicated.

That’s why technology is also the way forward; to help us create immersive, interactive experiences that not only wow customers but also keep their attention to establish that all-important connection.

Customers want deeper, sensory experiences

Now that we’re well and truly into the experience economy, there’s no holding back. Whether we’re at the cinema watching a 4DX film, walking into our local shopping centre or even being presented to in the boardroom, there are some incredible multi-sensory experiences happening in some of the most unexpected places!

Appealing to senses such as visual and cognitive engagement, an interactive experience can create an engaging, powerful experience that your customers won’t be forgetting in a hurry – and as a result, it’ll impact their future buying decisions based on those experiences you create.

The technology required to create these experiences is coming on in leaps and bounds, and includes the introduction of larger multi-touchwalls and tables and 3D capabilities, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

You can create your experience on a standalone touchscreen (say if you’re going to an event or have a big meeting coming up) or as part of a larger, immersive space that allows your customers to walk around and lose themselves in the experience you’ve created.

What’s next for immersive, interactive experiences?

Technology is constantly evolving, and we’re aware that what’s possible and looks shiny and new right now, might be old news in a year’s time. However, at the heart of it all, we believe in creating unforgettable, fun and engaging interactive experiences that your customers love – and that’s not going to change.

With high stakes in today’s business world, and the messages, we’re constantly tuning out from brands, it’s getting incredibly difficult to stand out and capture people’s attention and imagination. As a result, it’s vital to keep looking for new ways to win customers over and make an impact.

For instance, using technology to control the environment and objects within it is one emerging trend (although technically we’ve been hearing about the Internet of Things for at least a decade now). Another trend is towards more personalised interactive experiences that adapt depending on the user.

Advice from the interactive experience experts

Regardless of the type of experience you create for your customers, you need to tell an emotive, impactful and compelling story – and wherever possible, make it all about them (not you). And if you can make your story visual and interactive, all the better.

One way of doing this is to put your customers front and centre in your story, with a ‘day in the life’ scenario; this is an effective way to visually demonstrate how your solutions can impact on their everyday life, whilst showing you understand their world.

Whatever you do, design with your customer in mind, taking into account who’ll be using your experience and why. A good interactive design agency should be happy to help talk you through your options.

TIP: We’ve put together some advice on creating the best interactive sales enablement content, and where to start – so check out our blog to learn more.

Step into the future of sales enablement with interactive customer experiences  

Interactive customer experiences are becoming a prominent marketing tool that’s growing impossible to ignore. Customers now expect more, and delivering what they need with engaging experiences that really wow them is paramount to winning their business.

If you want to win customers to you, then you must wow them! By using an interactive customer experience, you can create a quick engagement and efficiently explain your business.  

Want to wow your customers and create better engagement? An interactive design agency with the right experience will be able to help.  If you’d like to know more about how you can create the best interactive sales enablement content, get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We’d love to hear from you. 

If you’ve got an idea and want to chat it through then just get in touch. Or give us a call 🤙 on 0117 329 1712.
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