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Why You Need A Bespoke Interactive Sales Enablement Tool for the Best Customer Experience

Thinking about adding an interactive sales enablement tool – like a touchscreen experience – to your arsenal?

If so, you’ll have various options to consider. However, if you’re anything like most of our clients, creating a good sales enablement experience whilst providing a clear reflection of your brand in whatever you do has to take priority.

You’ll also want to be sure you’re getting a good return on your investment.

The same is probably true when investing in an interactive sales tool or touchscreen experience, which can aid your sales team when initiating meaningful conversations with your customers and ensure you’re delivering a valuable experience that delights them at every turn.

When done right, an interactive touchscreen experience (something that many of our customers think of as sales tools) can visually demonstrate the value of your products or solutions, and show customers the impact they have on their world – in a way that’s fun, engaging, and speaks directly to them.

But it’s wise to remember that not all sales enablement tech is created equally. And if you’re not having it created especially for your brand, but instead taking something off-the-shelf, it could lead to a disappointing experience for your customers.

As touchscreen specialists who help our clients demonstrate value when it matters most, we’re going to tell you why sales enablement tech such as interactive touchscreens or experiences should always be bespoke to your brand and customers.

Why sales enablement tech and apps should be bespoke to your brand

Think of it this way: You want an interactive sales enablement tool that your sales team can depend on, with clear messaging that tells a story, speaks directly to your customers and lets them navigate on their own terms – all based on the type of interactions they prefer. It should be all about them.

Every single interaction they have with your experience is an extension of your brand. We’re not just talking visually, but also in the messaging, functionality, and the way they react to that communication – it all impacts on what they’ll take away from the experience itself.

TIP: Even the little details such as micro-interactions can make a huge difference when it comes to using your interactive sales tool.

So, if you have an off-the-shelf design template that’s difficult to use, badly designed or the content looks unnaturally shoe-horned in, this will affect negatively on your brand and you won’t get the return on your investment that you need. (Or even worse, you could just put your website on a touchscreen)

Any good touchscreen specialist or interactive design agency should listen to you and help talk you through the sort of experience and impression you want to leave people with. What would make it a positive experience for them? How can your objectives align with theirs?

These questions are vital when considering the experience you want to create and how your brand will be portrayed and seen by customers.

Which types of software are used to create interactive sales enablement tools?

There are four main types of software you can use to create the sort of interactive sales enablement tool you’d use on a touchscreen.

The off-the-shelf option we mentioned above is also known as a web-based digital signage solution, and is based on an online template designed to perform a certain function, such as displaying product information, or a capture form to collect people’s contact details.

Some companies may be tempted to go for this option, as it’s very popular for digital signage (such as displaying simple messaging for brands). However, you’re often very limited with its functionality, and you won’t always have much control over the branding or layout of the experience.

The other three options are:

  • HTML – you’d need a very accomplished HTML programmer for this
  • Bespoke software – such as the likes of IntuiFace, supporting a wide range of media and functionality
  • PowerPoint or Prezi – which can look professional, but may also be slightly limiting

Tip: To read more about these options in-depth and compare them, check out: Which Software Can I Use to Create Interactive Touchscreen Experiences?

All of these options above require someone who’s experienced in programming or development – and ideally, someone (or a team of someones) who has a lot of expertise creating interactive experiences, rather than just websites. The two are very different.

Advice on finding the best interactive touchscreen developer

Finding the right interactive sales enablement tool (or touchscreen) developer is essential if you want to create an engaging, fun and visual experience your customers will love. They usually have a methodic process they follow, and should be happy to guide you through each step whilst ensuring you’ll end up with a good end-result and ROI.

Maybe you’re still deciding if an interactive sales tool is the right option for you – they should also be happy to listen to your needs and talk you through your options to give you a better idea of what’s possible, before you even think of moving forward.

We always recommend carefully considering your goals, objectives and audience as your first step, before you even begin seeking out a touchscreen developer. That way, you’ll be able to give them a clear idea of what you’re looking for, and in turn they can identify how they can help you.

Once you’ve also considered the hardware and surrounding space (where your interactive sales tool or touchscreen will be used) it’s time to seek out 2 – 3 interactive touchscreen specialists – or design agencies specialising in interactive experiences to speak to.

Tip: Once you’ve found your design agencies of choice, we recommend asking them the questions we’ve put together in this blog: Finding the Best Interactive Touchscreen Display Developer for Your Project. We’ve also gone into more detail about how to find the one that’s right for you,

Use a bespoke interactive sales enablement tool to wow your customers 

Sales enablement tech such as interactive touchscreen experiences should be bespoke to your brand. It’s all about creating and delivering a good customer experience that’s designed especially with your customers in mind. 

It’s also about making that all-important connection with your audience, differentiating yourself from your competitors, allowing customers to find out more for themselves, and giving them true value with a memorable, engaging experience.

Want to find a sales enablement tool that will enhance your customer experience? An interactive design agency with the right experience will be able to help. If you’d like to know more about how you can create the best interactive sales enablement content, get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We’d love to hear from you. 

If you’ve got an idea and want to chat it through then just get in touch. Or give us a call 🤙 on 0117 329 1712.
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