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Why Conversational Presenting & Interactive Touchscreens Go Hand-in-Hand

Are you looking for a better way to have more profitable conversations with your customers? You may have heard of sales enablement tools and touchscreen experiences – but how they can help to support conversational presenting?

Conversational presenting is all about moving away from the tired format of linear slide presentations which are generic and tend to be based around product. Then turning them into an experience based presentation which visually brings your story, solutions and products to life for your customers.

Incorporating interaction then lets you base the entire sales presentation around your customer, drilling into content that is most relevant to them and creating a two-way dialogue between you and your customers.

And what’s more, it’s about putting them in control.

So, where do interactive touchscreens come into it? Well, they help you take interaction to a new level, letting you and your customer physically interact with content on screen and making for a more engaging and immersive experience. As an interactive agency who specialise in creating effective interactive presentations, we’re going to tell you more about why conversational presenting and interactive touchscreens should go hand-in-hand.

Why a touchscreen is perfect for conversational presenting

In the world of B2B there’s now a lot of pressure to get your presentation right and make a good first impression – especially when B2B buyers are now much more informed about you and your solutions before they even meet you, and expectations are much higher.

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In fact, the RSW new business survey recently reported that 97% of senior decision makers said the professionalism of a potential supplier’s presentation was either very important – or important – in awarding a contract. On top of that, 91% of B2B buyers prefer to consume interactive and visual content (DemandGen Report)

You often don’t have much time to make that all-important connection with your audience, and there are various other factors at play, too.

Example of an interactive presentation using a touchscreen for Isotrak

So, with all this going on, having something like a touchscreen that immediately shows you as an innovative and forward-thinking brand is a huge bonus. And if you’ve developed an interactive or conversational presentation centred around their biggest challenges, questions and concerns, then you’ve got yourself an indispensable sales tool.

What are the benefits of conversational presenting on a touchscreen?

Not convinced this is the way to go yet? We’ve put together some of the biggest benefits of having a conversational presentation on an interactive touchscreen:

  1. Interactive navigation and menus – let you drill down into specific information so you can skip to the parts of the conversation your customers want to hear about the most (no more skipping through irrelevant slides)
  2. Innovative features and functionality – touchscreens appeal to our inquisitive side and encourage people to explore and interact. Some of the features it can include are videos, 3D models and interactive infographics – plus a lot more besides!
  3. A powerful visual story – if you can map out a compelling story that’s told in a visual way, it helps you make a powerful emotional connection with your customers that they’ll remember. A touchscreen then lets you explore this story in a much more tactile and immersive way
  4. A confident sales team – if your sales team have one interactive sales tool that is smooth, seamless and has everything they need to deliver the best possible presentation for your brand, it’ll give them a boost in confidence and help them have the conversations their customers want to have
  5. An engaging experience – if you can pull all of the above together, your customers will be left with a persuasive, immersive experience that sets you apart from your competitors, giving them the confidence to make that all-important final decision.
  6. Update as you go along – if you do use a touchscreen to deliver engaging conversational presentations, your content can be adapted or updated when you need it – or tailored to specific situations. The real investment goes into the core narrative and visuals – the rest can evolve as you do.

So, if all of the above sounds good, what should you do next?

Advice from the presentation pros

If you think conversational presenting is definitely the way to go, and a touchscreen is a way to do it, then we’d recommend you do some careful research into your audience and start coming up with some ideas of how you can begin to have better conversations with them.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What are the biggest trends and challenges they’re currently facing?
  • What sort of story would really hit the message home and inspire action?
  • What visual elements could you add to tell your story in the best possible way?
  • What content is most important to them and what questions do they always ask you about?
  • Which types of features might they want to interact with most and what’s going to wow and persuade them?

Getting to know your audience is absolutely essential to nailing it with your presentation – and ignoring your audience is the biggest mistake you can make when putting together any presentation – conversational, interactive or otherwise.

We’d say these are all things to consider before getting in touch with an interactive design agency – if that’s the route you’re thinking of going down – as these are all things they’ll need to establish with you before going any further. From there, they’ll be able to give you some better advice and guide you through the process of creating a presentation.

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Let’s talk about conversational presentating

Hopefully, we’ve managed to give you a better idea of how conversational presenting (something we also refer to as ‘interactive presentations’) and touchscreens go together so well to create a seamless, memorable and engaging experience that really brings your story to life and sets you apart from your competitors.

If done right, it can become an indispensable sales tool that your entire team can use, and a way to make that all-important emotional connection with your audience – something that doesn’t exactly come easy in B2B right now.

So, could a touchscreen help you create and deliver a conversational presentation that really gives your pitch the WOW factor? If so and if you’d like to get some impartial advice or talk through an idea then get in touch – we read and answer every message we receive! Contact us on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or

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