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Case Study: How POP Creates Interactive Presentations Your Entire Team Can Use

Here at POP, we know that sales teams often stick to what they know – in some cases using the same old existing presentations for years. After all, why change something you’re used to?

However, markets and businesses change. Presentations should be constantly updated to reflect these changes in terms of messaging and design, the changing buyer, and to become more customer-centric whilst making use of interaction so they become more of a conversation than a one-way story.

Below, we’ve highlighted an example of how we helped our client, Paragon Software Systems, create a persuasive and compelling interactive presentation that unified years of different presentation content.

The challenge

Paragon wanted to create a customer-centric sales presentation that could be accessed and used by the entire sales and marketing team. To do this, Paragon needed to adapt the way they told their story to put the customer and their challenges front and centre, and ensure the benefits of their software were clearly communicated.

The Paragon team had years of detailed sales presentations – all created by different people – with each one being used by different members of the team. Part of the problem was that there was no standardised company presentation, or company wide messaging.

Each presentation contained a lot of different visual components, and was linear, so there was no room for tailoring the message to suit specific customers and their needs or interests.

We knew we had to come up with a single, indispensable tool that would work for everyone on the sales team, however Paragon were unsure how this could be achieved in a one-size-fits-all-solution.

The solution

We had previously worked with our contact, Kristel Jarvis, on a range of sales tools and presentations for Colt. After she joined Paragon, she got in touch with us for this specific job, as she already knew what we were capable of.

First off we held a workshop with the senior leadership and sales and marketing team. The idea here is to get them to talk through who their customers are, the challenges they face and how Paragon solves these issue and creates opportunities and insights for their customers. By running through these questions we are able to build up a picture of what is important to their customers and to them so we can start to create a narrative and story to build their presentation around.

The output from the workshop is a content slide map, like the one below, which maps out Paragon’s key messages and starts to put them into a narrative flow so there is a clear story arc that they are presenting with the customer clearly at the heart.

The content slidemap is a very useful tool for clients as they can quickly see the structure of the messaging we propose and that of the final presentation and if there are any gaps.

Once approved we then create storyboards of the final presentation which are simple slides containing the key messages and simple diagrams of visuals we propose to illustrate their story

The completed storyboard is in effect the final presentation but without the design finesse. This lets the various teams test out the messaging and narrative flow as well as getting a feel for the interaction which lets them jump to relevant pages depending on the conversation with customer.

The final stage is to add the design on top, incorporating the branding and illustration work which turns the presentation into a more memorable and persuasive visual story that really focuses in on the customer.

The results

The end result was a contemporary and visually engaging presentation that concisely told Paragon’s story from the standpoint of their customers and brought the whole Paragon world to life.

The final presentation was designed to accommodate the different presentation styles of each team member – and different customer requirements – which ensured it could easily be adopted across the entire sales team.

The presentation is easy for the internal teams to adapt messaging when needed without impacting the overall look and messaging.

Here’s what Paragon had to say:

“We very much enjoy working with POPcomms; they produce so much more than just good-looking PowerPoint presentations. Our new sales presentation is really helping us to tell our story differently, consistently communicating the value of Paragon to transport operations looking to save money but also continuously improve their delivery services.”

Kristel Jarvis, Marketing Manager of Paragon Software Systems

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