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Why Interactive Touchscreens Keep Customers Engaged Longer

Are you looking for a way to keep your customers and visitors engaged for longer?

Maybe you’re in need of an innovative and effective way to showcase a new product or service as part of a demo suite or sales display – or perhaps you have an event coming up where you really want to stand out from the crowd and get people interacting with your content.

Keeping customers on your stand or immersed in your content for longer is critical, it builds awareness, loyalty and trust and develops an emotional connection between you and the customer leading to more profitable conversations for you both.

Interactive touchscreens are a great way to combat the age-old problem of trying to capture and hold people’s attention with the same old static content – often leading to lost sales opportunities, and a lot of wasted time and effort.

So, what makes a touchscreen so great for engagement?

Well, as touchscreen specialists, we thought we’d help you explore some of the main reasons why an interactive touchscreen is so effective at keeping customers engaged.

1. Plenty of opportunities for interactivity

Touchscreens are interactive which means people can interact with your content in a multitude of ways. From videos, to infographics, 3d models and games there are plenty of ways to wrap up your content to make it interesting.

People love to play and explore and touchscreens are perfect at tapping into this desire.

The brain pays more attention when it needs to do things and this makes for a more memorable experience and more importantly means they are more likely to remember the experience and your messages.

By keeping customers engaged for longer through interactivity your building a relationship and a closer connection between yourselves and the customer.

2. Giving your customers the ability to explore your brand in their own time

Another benefit of interactive touchscreens is that you don’t necessarily need someone to be with the customer – which can free up time for your sales team, and on a stand means you can reach more people.

Instead, customers can go through your content and play with interactive models or immerse themselves in your story – but most of all, they’ll be browsing your content in their own time, and on their own terms.

This means they can discover and explore your product or brand in the easiest and most enjoyable way for them, rather than simply being told what to do or what to look at first. This perfectly matches the expectations of today’s consumers.

One great example of this was when we created an interactive touchscreen display for The Royal Mint, which allowed people to explore a wide collection of coins in a new, innovative way.

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3. A great tool to start and maintain conversations

Having something fun and interactive means you can showcase your products or solutions in a new, innovative way. You’ll have a tool that enables you to ask questions of the customer, take them on a journey and explore something together.

So, rather than just providing them with a one-dimensional piece of content, an interactive touchscreen truly feels like you’re building the story around them, and it’s more of a two-way street than if you were simply giving them static content to read or watch.

That doesn’t necessarily mean a touchscreen should entirely replace the conversations your sales team have with customers, but it can serve as a great visual aid or conversation starter that can allow people to digest information in their own time and way.

4. Create truly memorable experiences

One thing we really love about interactive touchscreens is that they allow you to do something different, and create an experience which is unexpected.

For instance, if you think about a standard presentation, or perhaps a brochure or video, people usually know exactly what they’re getting. But, push the boundaries with an interactive experience, and you can keep them surprised, entertained and engaged.

This means you can hold people’s attention for longer, whilst making it a fun and innovative experience they won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Maintain long-term customer engagement and interaction

You may be thinking about your touchscreen as all about the ‘now’ – as part of your demo suite, salesroom or event. However, you should be looking at the bigger picture, and how it can help you maintain long-term customer relationships.

For instance, if people are interested in your brand but maybe aren’t at the stage where they’re ready to buy yet, you can use your touchscreen experience to capture valuable leads and data. Simply provide them with a way to send content to themselves by typing in their email address.

Once you’ve captured their details and they’ve got your content, did they open it? Did they respond to you? Could they now be part of your marketing funnel, and what can you send them now that they’ll find valuable and help to move them down the funnel?

You can also use your interactive touchscreen to monitor how people are interacting with your content, what they’re most interested in, and which content is being ignored and left by the wayside. All of this information will help you improve and fine-tune the experience for next time!

Could an interactive touchscreen solution be right for you?

If you’re wondering whether an interactive touchscreen solution might be a good way to help keep customers engaged, our best advice to you is to think about your existing content – why isn’t it working, what would help customers get a deeper understanding of your business and build a connection?

What would be your dream goal when it comes to engaging and interacting with your customers? Think about exactly what you’d like to achieve, and the types of conversations you’d love to have with your customers.

Not exactly sure about what’s possible? In that case, we’d recommend seeking out a touchscreen specialist who can help you out with some free, impartial advice about your next steps. Here’s a blog about just that: Finding the Best Interactive Touchscreen Developer for Your Project.

Are your customers engaged?

So, there we have it – there are so many ways an interactive touchscreen solution could help keep your customers engaged! We hope you’ve found this blog helpful.

If you like the idea of your customers exploring your product or brand in a unique and innovative way – and on their own terms – then it might be worth taking a closer look into what’s possible with an interactive touchscreen experience.

TIP: Want to find out more about what you can do with an interactive touchscreen display? Check out our blog: 5 Top Sales Benefits of an Interactive Touchscreen Display.

If you’d like to learn more about what might be possible, shoot us a message. We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or

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