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Improve Corporate Communications With Interactive Touchscreen Experiences

Interactive touchscreens are a great way to impress your customers – but have you considered using them to engage with your teams?

Innovative technologies and interactive experiences have opened the doors to a more open work place environment and better communication with teams. Just imagine for a second how it’d feel to eliminate the need for mass emails (that someone always ends up getting missed out on), along with printed flyers and literature from HR, whilst consolidating everything employees need to know in one place.

Roche: When a customer, member of staff or sales rep needs product information they use digital information hub ServiceBox.

Some corporations (like Novartis Pharmaceuticals) have already reported as much as a 90% decrease in communications expenditure just by introducing and integrating touchscreens into their offices.

But it’s not just about the potential savings. Here are some other compelling reasons to consider using an interactive touchscreen experience to streamline your internal corporate communications.

1. Improve company culture

Let’s start with ‘the big picture’. When you have thousands of employees or even tens, company culture is so important if you want to maintain a happy and sustainable work environment that people actually want to feel a part of.

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Adding a touchscreen experience to the mix that helps to keep everyone updated with the latest news, HR updates, upcoming events and even things like awards, prizes or performance is a great way to ensure everyone feels included.

The touchscreen experience can also display local updates and news depending on which location it is installed in – along with global messaging that your employees will want to hear.

2. Increase productivity

This should be no surprise to anyone, but when you have a strong company culture and happy employees, productivity tends to soar. In fact, there are even studies to show that integrating an interactive touchscreen solution could help boost the productivity of your employees by up to 25%.

With an emphasis on internal corporate communications and a positive step away from overloaded inboxes, employees can keep up-to-date with the latest that’s going on in places like receptions, break rooms and communal areas – without feeling overwhelmed whilst at their desks.

You can even use a touchscreen to recognise and acknowledge the achievements of high-flyers, whilst motivating the rest of your team.

3. Give a great first impression

When visitors come to your offices, why not impress them by showing them you’re a dynamic and innovative brand?

Interactive touchscreens don’t have to be just for employees – a large interactive touchscreen or two in your reception area can be a window into your brand, allowing visitors to explore through an immersive experience. After all, why sit and read a six-month-old magazine when you can play with an impressive bit of technology?

We developed a touchscreen experience for use in Luxury developer Dominvs Group‘s reception and across other devices for use in sales meetings

All of this can help deliver a consistent message to anyone who wants to know more about your brand and its values.

4. Encourage learning

Back to HR again for a moment. An interactive touchscreen experience is a great way to keep employees up-to-date with the latest HR training programmes/workshops, policies and changes – along with all the essential information such as bank holidays, new job opportunities (as well as what’s required) and everything in-between.

Everyone should have the chance to learn, improve and expand on their current knowledge – and potentially a touchscreen experience can be a key tool to help people achieve more and reach their goals (whether that be to take on more responsibilities in the workplace, getting that much yearned for promotion or helping in the community).

5. Wayfinding for visitors

For visitors, or new employees who are only just finding their feet, having touchscreens in key places around your office with interactive wayfinding maps can help them find where (or sometimes even who) they’re looking for. Visitors can tap on any area of the map to find out more about that area of your office or book rooms.

A wayfinding solution developed for Abcam’s campus

Some systems even incorporate a virtual receptionist of sorts, allowing visitors to let someone know they’ve arrived for a meeting by clicking on that person’s photo and checking in (check out this example called FaceTouch). This all helps to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for visitors and staff alike.

6. Promote health and safety

It goes without saying that you want to know your employees are safe at all times. With an interactive touchscreen experience, you can easily keep emergency health and safety knowledge and instructions in easy-access locations, so that everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Safety information can also be updated at any time, so if there’s a snowstorm in the area, you can help advise employees of when they should be travelling – along with local weather reports and public transport updates.

Advice from the touchscreen specialists

If you’re thinking an interactive touchscreen experience could be a good way to keep in touch with your teams, our best advice would be to speak to an interactive touchscreen agency who are experienced in creating innovative experiences – like POP!

Corporate communications: get the down-low

So, touchscreens can be a great addition to your business. Not only does it make for more productive and motivated teams but it also helps ensure that everyone has access to the most important information – along with all the latest news and updates.

Sound like the right move for your company? If so, follow our advice above and speak to an interactive touchscreen specialist – or two, or three – to see what they might be able to do for you.

Do you have any questions about implementing an interactive touchscreen experience for your employees and visitors? Get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We promise to reply with something helpful!

image to promote a download of our touchscreen guide
Holly Worthington
Co-Founder and Customer Success Lead
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