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Realistic 3D Modelling More Accessible Than Ever With Interactive Technology

If you’re looking to visualise anything from a prototype to a new development or architectural model, there’s nothing quite like a 3D model to show potential investors – or the local community – what’s possible.

They can also be an invaluable tool that allows designers to get a 360 degree understanding of all of the components in their structure or object and how well things work, as well as identifying any issues or flaws that in their designs – potentially saving them a great deal of time and money.

As part of its community consultation programme, Ebbsfleet’s Development Corporation approached POP to build a marketing suite complete with a showpiece interactive touchscreen experience.

In days gone by, models had to be created by hand, which meant they weren’t always entirely accurate and took much longer to develop. Now we’re in the digital age, we have technology at our fingertips such as video and drone mapping, touchscreens and 3D printing that means 3D models have never been more accessible.

So, how is interactive technology transforming how we use 3D modelling?

As interactive design specialists, we’re going to talk you through three of the most exciting ways designers, engineers, architects and real estate companies are now able to use 3D models to bring their product, solution or structure to life.

Showcase your 3D model with a touchscreen

When you combine a digital 3D model and an interactive touchscreen, you can make magic happen. At the touch of the screen, you can easily manipulate your model to enlarge it, shrink it, and rotate it, giving you a very detailed and visual take on your model.

It’s also a fun way to let investors or potential clients interact with your solution or structure, and explore it in a visual way. We’re very tactile creatures, so interacting with a screen that’s also engaging and can bring up further information on areas they desire will keep their attention and capture their imagination.

They can even be programmed to display animations or processes people can interact with.

This can be a great conversation starter, and allow you to explain in more detail about areas of your model – or, depending on the interactive experience you’ve created, you can simply leave them to explore on their own.

Tip: Take a look a six ways an interactive touchscreen experience can benefit your business.

Printed 3D models that fit in the palm of your hand

Playing around with a model on an interactive touchscreen may be fun, but sometimes there’s no substitute for having something you can physically touch, pick up or see laid out before you in reality.

You may only need a small model people can hold or hand around – or, you could have a larger-scale piece that shows off an entire development in great detail displayed in the centre of a room as part of a sales suite or expo.

If you’re going for a 3D printed model that’s more of a feature piece and want more of a ‘WOW’ factor, why not make it interactive? Again, these models can be created to light up in certain areas when someone interacts with a corresponding interactive touchscreen.

Another option would be to have an interactive touchscreen or touchtable that recognised your model and displayed relevant information depending on where it was placed.

Virtual/augmented reality 3D models

Perhaps you’re looking to take things a step further, with augmented reality (AR) or even virtual reality (VR). Augmented or virtual reality involves taking 3D elements and overlaying them in the real world, which can be a striking way to make an impact and demonstrate your solution in various stages or modes.

This can be achieved using methods such as photogrammetry, 3D scanning, or a 3D modelling program to allow a real-time simulation of an environment or options you want people to consider – and it’s a great way to share your vision, rather than sticking to a static presentation or blueprint (yawn).

In fact, virtual reality can even allow your prospects to walk around in your vision – which can be really quite something to behold! We’re going to see plenty more  of AR/VR in the near future.

Thinking in three dimensions

With the increasingly widespread use of innovative and interactive technology such as touchscreens, AR/VR and 3D printing, companies can now embrace 3D models to give people a much more visual and realistic idea of how their solution, product or development will look.

Some of these options allow you to go much further than just simply showcasing a model in a visual way; they mean you can also create an experience that’s engaging, memorable and immersive.

Finally, by embracing the digital, it means that there’s less waste – which all helps towards a more greener planet! Take a look at what’s possible with POP…

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