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Which Types of Interactive Content Should Feature in a Presentation?  

If you’re looking for a tool to enable your sales team to sell more successfully, interactive sales tools, revenue enablement tools or interactive presentations are solutions you may be aware of. But, are you curious about the different types of content that should feature in an interactive presentation or digital sales tool?

Here are just some of the creative ways that interactive content can be used to make your interactive presentation or sales enablement tool engaging and memorable for all the right people.

NOTE: All of these things rely on a good narrative, but the points below should get you thinking about how to create content that truly resonates, and is relevant to your audience.

1. Interactive dashboards

You can use interactive dashboards to drill down into more specific content, based on the audience you’re talking to. For instance, if productivity is a challenge for your customer, then simply click on that option, and ask if the points on the right-hand panel resonate with them.

This allows you to create a conversation, using interactive content that’s both relevant and meaningful to your audience.

↑ An interactive dashboard created for Isotrak, with customer challenges and key stakeholders

2. Central visuals

Is there a visual that will particularly resonate with your customers? Think about whether you can use this to build your navigation from, e.g. a visual of the “customer’s world”. From there, you can annotate key issues or challenges from it, and then use these points to navigate down into more specific content.

↑ For Fujitsu – we created this central “Secure Thinking” visual where customer challenges can be built upon 

3. Interactive diagrams

Do you have something that’s quite complex, such as a process or a very technical piece of information? Rather than cramming it all in a slide full of hard-to-swallow bullets or multiple confusing graphs or diagrams – instead just have one.

An interactive diagram can be built up in stages, so you can take your audience through a step-by-step explanation. Or you could make it interactive, so that you can click on a specific section to drill down for more information.

↑ Fedr8 are able to explain complex processes very simply, with the ability to drill down into further content

4. A day in the life

Another great way to resonate with your customers is to show how your products work in their world. What we often refer to as ‘day in the life’ demonstrates this by visualising how your product or service has an impact in their world. Usually this is created via a step-by-step journey, showing how they can benefit at each stage.

↑ This day-in-the-life scenario for Paragon demonstrates the key touch-points their solutions have in the customer’s daily environment

5. Hotspots/Pop-ups

If you have a product image, or something that needs explaining, you can introduce hotspots on that graphic. In other words, these are interactive devices which allow you to navigate to more specific content that is overlaid onto the image.

↑ In this interactive map, we have hotspots that enable the user to explore information on the visual cityscape

6. 3D models

A new feature within PowerPoint is to include interactive 3D models – something we’ve found can really wow your audience. Combine this with navigation and animations, and these become a very powerful tool to show off your content or concepts.

↑ Within PowerPoint, this 3D cityscape moves and animates when different interactive hotspots are pressed.

Find the right interactive content for your presentation 

With the right planning and use of creativity, it is possible to create a great sales tool when showcasing content and ideas. An interactive design agency should be able to help you plan it based on the content you already have (or have planned for).  

They should also be able to offer you some free, impartial advice – along with previous examples of their work. 

Do you want to find more interactive content and ideas for your presentation? An interactive design agency with the right experience will be able to help. If you’d like to know more about how you can create the best interactive sales enablement content, get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We’d love to hear from you. 

If you’ve got an idea and want to chat it through then just get in touch. Or give us a call 🤙 on 0117 329 1712.
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