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Sales Enablement & Content Management: Delivering the Right Information at the Right Time

Want to learn more about what really makes sales enablement and content management tick?

Many companies are now integrating some form of sales enablement into their processes, as a way to empower their sales team. If it’s something you’re thinking of investing in, but want a better insight into what makes sales enablement work so well, this blog’s for you.

There are some more complicated definitions out there, but in essence, sales enablement means:

“The delivery of the right information to the right person at the right time and in the right place.”

As interactive touchscreen specialists, it also encompasses so much of what we do, that we thought we’d write a blog post about how the above ties into interactive sales tools and good content management.

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Interactivity and agility 

In order to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right person, your sales team needs to be agile. Having an interactive sales tool at their fingertips that allows them to quickly access information means a better chance of keeping customers engaged, digitally transforming sales and marketing materials, instead of trawling through brochures and documents.

Not only that, but interactive touchscreens can also turn a sales presentation into a conversation; allowing sales reps to quickly bring up the information the client wants to know about – without skipping a beat! No more having to sit through various slides until you reach the part you need.

Another way interactive sales tools can help is when your content isn’t stored somewhere central – you may even have various different incarnations of presentations and types of content floating around that different members of your team are using.

Having something interactive that also stores all of your content across one, unified content management system (CMS), ensures your brand message is consistent – with custom navigation and interactive menus your whole team can make the most of.

Fresh, regularly updated content 

It’s a sad statistic, but around 60 – 70% of sales content doesn’t get used. It could be because it’s not stored somewhere easy to find (sales reps spend an average of five working days every month searching for relevant sales content – according to!), or that they prefer to stick to a strategy that works for them.

Sometimes the same sales content ends up getting used year-upon-year.

Time to shake it up a bit! The key here is keeping fresh, regularly updated content on one centralised platform, so that your team always has easy access to relevant, up-to-date information that they can familiarise themselves with before big meetings.

This can either be achieved via a custom CMS (Content Management System) or a platform such as Showpad and Learncore.

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The bottom line? Good sales content management is absolutely vital for sales enablement to flow, as it helps support all other aspects of sales enablement for your team and boosts overall productivity.

Relevant, immersive experiences 

Creating an experience for customers is important, and one of the best ways you can do this is by telling a story. Brand storytelling may seem like another buzzword recently, but it’s actually been a winning formula for thousands of years.

Interactive touchscreens allow you to present a story in a visual, engaging and creative way. One of the best visual storytelling techniques we use here at POPcomms is called ‘A Day in the Life’.

It works so well because it puts your customer squarely at the heart of your marketing messaging, and shows them how your product or solution can impact on their daily life – whilst also showing that you understand their world.

For a better idea of how this works in practice, check out the video below of the presentation we created for our client, Isotak:

One final thought…

Now that sales enablement has become a bit more of a buzzword – or at least something more people are talking about – many companies are looking for ways to help their sales teams using a combination of tech, or sales techstack, and valuable content. But not everyone’s aware of all their options for sales content management.

Here at POP, we’re specialists when it comes to providing engaging interactive tools that can help your sales team excel. We’ve seen first-hand the positive impact a good sales enablement content management tool can make.

Not only does sales enablement empower your team with all the right content to deliver at the right time, it also means they have the best chance of engaging and having meaningful sales conversations.

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Let’s talk about sales content management

Would you like to learn more about what might be possible with an interactive touchscreen? POPcomms is on hand to help with a wealth of experience in sales enablement & content management.

Get in touch with us today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or We’d love to hear from you.

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