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Why POP Is the Perfect Alternative to PowerPoint

But as the digital landscape evolves, so too do the expectations, and needs of audiences, with ‘91% of B2B buyers wanting highly personalized interactive visual content when making decisions’ (Forrester). Today’s fast-paced, interactive world demands more than just static slides and bullet points,. And this is especially true when it comes to sales presentations and experiences.  

Enter POP, a groundbreaking alternative to PowerPoint, designed to meet the modern demands of B2B buying and to keep you at the forefront of B2B sales. Read on to find out why POP, a digital experiences platform, is not just an alternative to PowerPoint, but the perfect one, offering a suite of features that transform sales presentations into immersive, interactive experiences, taking customer engagement to a new level. As we explore the limitations of traditional presentation tools and the innovative solutions provided by POP, it becomes clear why making the switch is more than just a change – it’s an essential upgrade.

PowerPoint, a stalwart in the presentation world since 1987, has been the foundation upon which countless sales presentations have been built. Its ease of access and widespread familiarity have made it a default choice for over 30 million users daily.

Close Up of PowerPoint

However, as the business landscape evolves, PowerPoint’s limitations are becoming increasingly apparent, especially when catering to the modern buyer and dynamic business environments.

One significant challenge is the difficulty in creating interactive presentations. In an era where audience engagement is paramount, PowerPoint’s linear and static nature often leads to disengagement. The tool’s design capabilities, while robust, require a certain level of skill to produce visually compelling presentations. This can result in presentations that are either too simplistic or visually unappealing, potentially leaving a negative impression on your brand and business.

Furthermore, crafting a presentation in PowerPoint is notoriously time-consuming. A study by GfK suggests that the average office employee spends nearly an hour each day on PowerPoint, a substantial investment of time with potentially limited return.

The lack of advanced analytics in PowerPoint also poses a challenge. Understanding customer engagement and tailoring future presentations becomes guesswork, as insights into which parts of a presentation resonate most are hard to come by.

Lastly, PowerPoint’s inability to integrate seamlessly with Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs), Product Information Management systems (PIMs), or Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) hinders the alignment of sales and marketing efforts, which is crucial for closing deals effectively.

These limitations highlight the need for a more versatile, efficient, and engaging presentation tool in the modern business world.

In response to the evolving needs of dynamic sales and marketing landscapes, POP emerges as a revolutionary alternative to PowerPoint.

POP allows busy sales and marketing teams to swiftly generate interactive content for personalized sales presentations. Designed with the modern user in mind, adopting best practices POP transcends the traditional boundaries of presentation software. POP offers a platform that’s not just about displaying and storing sales and marketing material, but about creating an experience to WOW!

With its innovative approach, POP redefines what’s possible in sales conversations turning every presentation into an interactive visual experience. A study by Avanade reported ‘that B2B buyers will pay, on average, 30% more for a superior customer experience’. POP stands out by offering a suite of features to cater to these demands. POP is not just a tool. It’s a gateway to creating more relevant and responsive experiences for today’s business buyers.

Unlike PowerPoint’s static slides, POP is designed for interactivity, transforming presentations into dynamic conversations.

person interacting with touchscreen display

With POP, you can instantly tailor experiences to your specific customer needs by creating an unlimited number of experiences each with unique content and messaging. With the interactive features you can actively involve your audience, making your message not just seen but felt. Personalization and interactivity are crucial for consultative selling, where understanding and responding to customer needs in real-time can make all the difference. Simply put, your sales presentation can unfold depending on where the audience wants to go, presenting the right information at the right time.

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While PowerPoint can be cumbersome for those without design expertise, POP offers an easy, intuitive interface that simplifies the creation of visually stunning representations of your business, products, services and value.

Its no-code user-friendly design tools mean that creating professional, eye-catching content is no longer a domain reserved for design and coding experts. This ease of use allows even those with minimal design experience to craft presentations that leave a lasting positive impression.

Get access to easy to edit, fully responsive templates and a suite of integrated features to give your customers the best browsing experience. You can showcase your products at their absolute best – with intuitive menus to rich product descriptions, and supporting marketing assets, such as videos, 3d and static images, related products and more – creating a universal language that needs little translation.

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One of POP’s most significant advantages over PowerPoint is its efficiency.

The platform streamlines the presentation creation process, with no-code templates, drag and drop components and interactive features, it only takes minutes to craft a digital sales experience that WOWS.

POP’s user-friendly Experience Management System (EMS) centralizes everything, ensuring material is always up-to-date and easily accessible for the sales team. The Aberdeen Group recently reported that ‘sales reps spend on average around a quarter of their working year searching for the right content’. That’s a big chunk of time!

And no longer will you miss out on sales due to being slow on following up with customer information. POP allows you to follow up in real time by instantly sharing tailored content and customized information.

Finally, integrations with CRMs. DAMs, PIMs also ensure that time isn’t wasted by automating processes with accurate data saving valuable time.

These efficiencies are a game-changer for businesses and customers, freeing up valuable time on both sides.

When you’re delivering a sales presentation, understanding audience engagement is key. POP offers robust analytics that go beyond the capabilities of PowerPoint, providing deep insights into how customers interact with your presentations. You can track which parts of your presentation resonate most, enabling continuous improvement and more targeted follow-ups.

So, no more guessing. You can see exactly what interests them!

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Unlike PowerPoint, POP seamlessly integrates with essential business systems like CRMs, DAMs, and PIMs, facilitating a cohesive workflow between sales and marketing. This integration is vital for maintaining consistency in messaging and ensuring that all customer interactions are captured accurately and utilized effectively.

Take a look at how POP can integrate with your sales processes >

With PowerPoint, maintaining brand consistency can be challenging. In a large organization, with multiple salespeople, you can end up with hundreds (or thousands!) of different PowerPoint presentations – all created at different times, by different team members, with different ideas and styles. Each one a little different from the last, with varying levels of consistency.

Conversely, POP allows for personalized experiences while maintaining brand integrity. Firstly, there is an Experience Management System (EMS), that houses all content acting as a central source of truth for your sales and marketing material. From a centralized dashboard, you can quickly add team members and permissions ensuring the accuracy of information put before your customers and team.

Antillion interactive software displayed on large screen on office wall

Secondly, POP’s design system ensures that all presentations align with your brand guidelines, reinforcing your brand identity with every interaction.

Sales teams can personalize experiences on the fly for each customer, whilst always staying true to your branding and messaging.

With ‘96% of B2B sales teams having fully or partially shifted to remote selling’ (McKinsey), POP’s intuitive navigation and ability to share or download information makes self-serve and a rep free experience easy.

POP has been built with enterprise-grade security running on AWS which provides for scalability, resilience, and observability.  

These features collectively make POP not just an alternative to PowerPoint, but a superior choice for anyone looking to create presentations and sales experiences that are modern, effective, and truly resonate with their audience.

The transformative impact of POP becomes evident through its real-world applications and success stories. We partnered with leadings brands worldwide, such as Citrix – a digital workspace platform with over 100 million global users.

person interacting with Citrix interactive touchscreen software displayed on black iPad

Citrix needed to be able to communicate the value of its technology offering to a non-technical audience, across many sectors, in different countries and with different knowledge levels. We helped them do just that.

The results speak for themselves…

We’ve delivered 1,000+ leads, and 7–digit contribution to the sales pipeline in the first six months of using our experience.

Mike Oliver, Senior Marketing Manager, Citrix

Through an initial workshop with Citrix, it was clear that, despite the complexity of their solutions, there was a simple customer-focused story that could be told. Take a closer look at how Citrix’s new sales experience educates, informs, and established them as a thought leader.

POP represents a significant leap forward from PowerPoint, offering interactive, engaging, and data-driven presentation solutions. Its user-friendly design, time efficiency, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool for modern businesses.

Embracing POP means not just enhancing your presentations, but revolutionizing the way you connect with your audience.

Excelling in today’s presentation landscape requires more than just sticking to the basics. It’s about bringing a ‘WOW!’ factor to your presentations that not only conveys your message but also captivates your audience.

Our innovative, no-code platform for interactive sales experiences empowers your brand to stand out, accelerate the sales cycle, and boost engagement and revenue.

With POP, you’re not just moving away from outdated presentation methods. You’re stepping into a new era of interactive, immersive experiences that truly resonate with your audience.

Curious about how an interactive sales experience can revolutionize your presentation strategy? Take a look at our guide to the best sales presentation ever, watch this video, schedule a demo, or reach out to us at +44 (0)117 329 1712 or

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Co-Founder and Customer Success Lead
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