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Construction 4.0 Webinar: The Digitalisation of the Construction Industry and the Role of Sales Enablement

POP’s MD Damjan Haylor recently joined Aurélien Pedrocchi from sales enablement platform Showpad and Jeremie Rombaut Founder of Cultiv8 on a Webinar to discuss how digital sales tools can help construction businesses to meet their sales objectives and widen the competitive gap this year.

We were fortunate to also be joined by Dan Cheung from Wienerberger, a Showpad and POP client, who gave an interesting first-hand insight into why Wienerberger developed more effective customer engagement experiences, some of the challenges they faced along the way and how the tool now helps their sales and marketing teams to work more collaboratively.

What were we asked about Construction industry 4.0?

We had a great turn out, all of whom were highly engaged, seeking answers to a variety of questions including:

  • Who in the organisation would initiate digital transformation?
  • Is departmental collaboration essential?
  • How long does it take to implement a sales enablement platform?
  • How does POP integrate their enhanced experiences into Showpad?
  • How can you demonstrate the return on investment?

Missed it? Watch now on demand

For an overview of what we discussed take a look at the summary below, along with timings for the speakers.

00.01.21 – Preparing for the new normal in the construction 4.0 industryJeremie Rombaut, Cultiv8

“The construction industry, is changing – there is no doubt. The choice is now ours, do we want to become a Kodak or a Lego, in terms of reinvention?”

  • It’s not about the strongest or the most intelligent, it’s the most adaptable that will survive
  • The construction industry is changing, sustainability and industrialisation is driving change with many benefits to be had including speed, efficiency and reduced waste
  • Disruptors with technological know-how are entering the sector – similar to Google, Teslar and Uber infiltrating the Automotive industry
  • Empowering and enabling your frontline

00.15.22 – From leadership vision to team enablement – Aurelien Pedrocchi, Showpad

“The construction industry requires sales teams to talk to multiple stakeholders, but frontline teams aren’t equipped for it.”

  • Top-down digital transformation strategies v frontline enablement
  • “90% of B2B companies expect customer experience to be the next battleground.” Gartner 2018
  • You may have lots of appropriate marketing materials, but your sales teams can’t find it quickly and easily 
  • How can we make it easier for your sales teams to communicate with a variety of different buyers?
  • Real life examples of the technology and the all-important RoI

00.21.52 – What does a great interactive customer experience look like?- Damjan Haylor, POPcomms

“You need to equip your team with the tools and digital experiences to have great, productive conversations with your customers.”

  • Personalisation and framing your proposition from your buyer’s perspective
  • Creating an empathetic environment that your buyer recognises in order to demonstrate that you understand their business and their industry
  • Differentiating your business from your competitors is likely to be increasingly reliant upon technology, especially interactive customer experiences in sales 
  • 2020 saw many businesses innovate at speed and take evolutionary leaps in the adoption of sales technology to enable their sales teams – research tells us that buyers liked it and want a hybrid sales solution

“80% of B2B decision makers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service”


00.33.02 – The revenue enablement journey- Dan Cheung, Wienerberger

“The platform allows for smoother communication with customers an stakeholders, it’s helped massively with remote selling and improved collaboration between our sales and marketing teams.”

  • Covid has fundamentally changed the way we do business
  • How Wienerberger has digitally transformed their business
  • The 4 steps for success – the team, planning, partnerships and collaboration

Let’s talk industry 4.0 & construction

If any of what was discussed about construction 4.0 has piqued your interest about how sales enablement tools can benefit your business in the construction industry 4.0 please do get in touch. Get in touch today on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or or follow us on LinkedIn and stay updated on our latest projects.

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