Omnichannel or Hybrid – find out how creating digital sales tools and event experiences in unison can increase RoI

“POP took one idea and shaped it into a multi-touch programme – executable in different ways, languages and over an extended timeframe. As a direct result, we doubled our lead capture at our booths” Mike Oliver, Senior Marketing Manager, Citrix. Events are coming back, but how can you maximise RoI in these changeable times and […]

A Guide to Micro-Interactions and Why They’re Important for Interactive Touchscreen Experiences

Micro-interactions and micro-effects are those tiny, subtle details that really enhance a touchscreen experience, making them fun and enjoyable by surprising and grabbing your attention at every turn. They may sound frivolous but they serve a very important function when it comes to keeping people engaged and using your experience as well as what they remember […]

As an Advanced Manufacturer Creating an Interactive Touchscreen Experience, What Questions Should You Consider?

Are you considering investing in an interactive touchscreen experience for your advanced manufacturing business, or any type of business for that matter? If you’re looking to showcase complex products and solutions in a visual, immersive way at a tradeshow or in a customer-facing area of your business then a touchscreen is a great way to […]