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Case Study: How POP Create Interactive Presentations That Are Easy for Customers to Share Internally

It’s common for customers to want a copy of a presentation to share internally with other stakeholders and decision makers. It might also be necessary to send a presentation in advance of a meeting, to help build awareness of a product or solution before a meeting.

Here at POP, our customers need to be able to talk about their products and solutions in a relevant, meaningful and creative way and in a format that can be sent onto customers and shared without their input.

Below, we’ve highlighted an example of how we helped Citrix achieve all of the above through a persuasive and visually compelling interactive presentation that brought their story to life.

The challenge

Citrix needed an interactive presentation that would help them articulate the benefits of their solutions and products in a way that was easy to understand, meaningful and most of all, relevant and that would be easy to distribute and be shared by customers.

They weren’t sure what was really possible, or how to tell their story. While Citrix’s solutions all have real-world relevance, it’s mostly intangible software solutions around enterprise mobility, so building this into a compelling story was proving difficult for them.

The main issue they faced was that their current material was very product-focused and didn’t address the complexity of the issues or steps a customer must go through in securing their mobile networks. The result was missed opportunities with customers and a lack of understanding of the value Citrix brought to the relationship.

The solution

Based on a recommendation of our work Citrix knew that we specialised in working with technology companies and that visual storytelling was a key component of all our work.

The first step was to create a story that could carry the key messages and themes that Citrix needed to convey, yet built around a typical customer that other customers could relate to.

From a workshop with Citrix we established that there are 6 key stages that a customer needs to go through to create a secure mobile network for employees. From this we got to work building a series of 6 scenarios involving a fictional employee: Alex.

Alex navigating challenges he faces on a day to day basis and the solutions Citrix offers

Each scenario illustrated the current challenge facing an organisation and a relevant Citrix solution that mitigated the issue. The story was simply told from the Alex’s perspective and how his life would be easier with Citrix.

Key industry statistics were used to help illustrate the particular challenge and were used to add gravitas to the message.

In terms of the workflow, after our initial workshop we sketched out ideas and wrote a dialogue for the individual steps and overall story. This helped us to visualise the scenarios before presenting back to Citrix for feedback then working on the final design.

The final presentation was created as an interactive PowerPoint presentation and as an interactive pdf making it easy to share for customers.

The results

The client liked our approach, because it was a great way of putting the products into a real-world context and showing how these solutions impacted the lives of their customers. It was an easy solution to distribute, providing a user-friendly narrative for customers to follow.

The creative we developed  is now distributed via multiple channels and social media. Sales and marketing teams also take Alex along to spread the word with both existing and prospective clients.

The bottom line is that Alex tells a visual, engaging story about Citrix and that their customers can easily relate to.

“You took one idea and shaped it into a multi-touch program – executable in different ways and over an extended time frame. As a direct result we delivered stunning content to the business that is valid for at least 6 months and has delivered a strong contribution to the sales pipeline.“

Mike Oliver, Senior Marketing Manager, Citrix

The next step

If you’re interested in a customer-centric, engaging and user-friendly interactive presentation that can be easily accessed by your customers, why not get in touch for a no-pressure consultation?

If you’ve got an idea and want to chat it through then just get in touch. Or give us a call 🤙 on 0117 329 1712.
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