Intuiface: Antillion Case Study

This post looks at an IntuiFace Interactive Touchscreen Experience that we created for Antillion.

The brief

Antillion asked us to create an interactive experience that they could used when exhibiting at events and conferences. The experience needed to achieve three key things:

  1. It needed to be very visual, contemporary and creative to appeal to users
  2. It had to be exciting to use, and really engaging for visitors on the stand
  3. Content had to be quickly updated in a simple and scaleable way.

Why IntuiFace was great for this experience


Dynamic, parallax content

We felt that the key to this experience was to have very fluid, smooth transitions with easy-to-use navigation.

Utilising IntuiFace’s scroll feature, we were able to have the entire experience as one long canvas, with fixed navigation at the bottom of the screen so visitors could easily move between different sections. When a menu item was tapped, the experience slides to the right section and the page elements animate in.

Using IntuiFace enabled us to create a very dynamic, parallax interface which ensured a very visual, modern and memorable experience for visitors.


Interactivity and animation

With a very clean, simple visual layout, we were able to introduce a lot of subtle interactions and animations which make such a huge difference with an interactive experience.

As IntuiFace has such a simple-to-use editor, we were able to include a wealth of interactive elements for visitors – with tabbed menus, PDFs, interactive maps, sliding panels, scrollable content and video.

With these interactive elements and subtle animations, it really added another dimension to wow stand visitors.


Easy to update and amend content

For Antillion it was key to have control of the content both before the show and being able to quickly amend content and workshop session availability at the show

One of the most powerful features of IntuiFace is how content can be quickly and easily updated. Content for the entire experience was controlled through an Excel spreadsheet, meaning Antillion could quickly update and change content. IntuiFace then dynamically and automatically pulled into the experience.

This ensured that everything was up to date on the day and yet provide flexibility for future shows.


The final result

Antillion were delighted with the final IntuiFace experience and you can see it in action in this video:

If you are interested in what IntuiFace can do for your live events and conferences then get in touch using the details below – we’re a friendly bunch and as IntuiFace Platinum experts we’d love to help you get the most out the platform.

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