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Why Leading Brands Should Implement Revenue Enablement

Far from just a buzzword, revenue enablement has a number of tangible benefits for your business. Alignment across teams, cross-functional collaboration, and increased revenue growth are just the start of it.

If you’re still in two minds about implementing revenue enablement, this article will dive deeper into its advantages for buyers, sellers and your business – plus a quick summary of how revenue enablement works.

Revenue enablement: the basics

Revenue enablement (not to be confused with sales enablement) refers to a process which helps customer-facing teams align internally. By providing consistent operations and messaging throughout marketing, sales, customer success, and product teams, organizations can maximize growth and revenue throughout the customer journey.

Find more info on the basics, read our introductory guide on revenue enablement.

4 advantages of revenue enablement

So why should you implement revenue enablement? Here are four impressive revenue enablement benefits that make the choice easy:

1. Enhanced alignment across teams

First and foremost, revenue enablement aligns different customer-facing teams within your organization. All too often, the likes of sales, marketing, and product teams can become siloed. The result is a disjointed experience for the customer.

With revenue enablement, everyone will work as a cohesive unit – with shared revenue goals in mind. Knowledge and feedback will be shared throughout your organization, providing insight into what customers want.

This translates to consistent messaging for buyers throughout different touchpoints and the transition between different departments will be quick and frictionless.

2. Cross-function collaboration

It’s one thing having alignment, but what about collaboration? This is when different departments actually work together – and it’s much easier when you implement revenue enablement.

Once teams are aligned, friction is reduced and it’s much easier for them to help one another – improving outcomes for the customer, themselves, and the business. Let’s take customer success as an example. The way you onboard customers can be shaped by what’s already known from the marketing and sales process.

At POP, for example, we know that the key to successful adoption for a revenue enablement platform is buy-in from all of those who will be using it. This is why we have our tried and tested process called The Customer Success Blueprint (CSB):

  • It starts with discovery, bringing in the key people who need to be onboard right from the very beginning to ensure early adoption.
  • A survey can reveal the challenges customer-facing teams currently face, allowing us to scope out what success would look like for them and their customers, and how a revenue enablement platform could assist with this in terms of shared content, features and data.
  • A workshop follows shortly after the survey, presenting back the findings and working out any obstacles, so all key stakeholders agree on what’s needed early on in terms of content, features, functionality and the customer experience.
  • A feasible timeline for launch is worked out, usually with a handful of people to be part of a soft launch – with a global roll out only once everyone is happy.
  • Training is essential so that users understand how the platform can best support their customer interactions.
  • Finally, there’s ongoing success – how we’ll work with you to keep you ahead of the competition with the upkeep and maintenance of the platform. While the launch of a new platform is very important, it’s then imperative to keep it running smoothly with updates from the latest customer insights to consistently deliver on what was agreed in the discovery. The platform will only be valuable if teams actually use it!

From discovery to onboarding and ongoing success, your organization can adopt a similar strategy. Engaging all customer-facing teams from the beginning and exchanging insights at every stage of the customer journey can reduce friction and establish shared goals. By integrating these phases early on with a revenue enablement strategy, you can significantly boost your overall revenue growth.

3. Improved sales efficiency and effectiveness

Revenue enablement benefits sellers too. With knowledge of a customer’s entire journey, they’re much better placed to convert sales. Whether it’s the initial pitch or a sales event, content can be tailored to what you know about your customers.

group of people interacting with ebbsfleet touchscreen display on white table in office

All this valuable content created at the different touchpoints can be reused throughout the customer journey. It can also be used for other prospects to explain the value of your products to them. Making assets reusable can speed up sales and onboarding cycles for similar buyers.

The sales cycle is fast-tracked in another way too, with customers being seamlessly passed from marketing to product discovery to sales. This all results in more sales being made, and quicker too.

4. Increased revenue growth

Of course, one of the key advantages of revenue enablement is growth in revenue. All of the benefits above contribute to improve the customer journey and increase revenue at every touchpoint:

  • Marketing is more effective in generating leads and even self-serve sales.
  • Sales aren’t just increased, but also made quicker to save time on your end.
  • Customer onboarding is improved to boost loyalty and retention, and secure ongoing revenue.

Benefit from revenue enablement with POP

If you’re unsure how to implement revenue enablement, POP is the answer. Our process and innovative revenue enablement platform helps you align customer facing teams within your organization. Using the POP platform, you can store all of your most valuable and latest content and create unique, intuitive experiences to showcase products, market them online and in-person, sell directly to buyers, and even train and onboard customers.

You’ll have complete control over your content with customer experiences which can be created in hours, not months. There’s no limit on the number of experiences you can create, which are all compatible on any device and screen size, from mobile up to video walls.

Most importantly, buyers will be wowed with every single experience. Immersive content like product configurators helps you simplify complex ideas. The adaptable nature of our platform means you can even personalize experiences in the moment to cover specific pain points.

Implement revenue enablement today

From advanced manufacturing to healthcare, POP has been implemented for revenue enablement by an array of different organizations. Yours could be next. Watch our video or book a demo to find out more.

To get started, simply call us on +44 (0)117 329 1712 or email

Holly Worthington
Co-Founder and Customer Success Lead
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